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They treat that campground as their home and you as an honored guest in it. This is not a "corporate" campground like some where the bottom line is all. To be sure, they are there to make a living, but they are intent on giving every guest more than the value of the fee they pay to stay.

I frankly didn't know what to expect and kept myself ready for anything. It turned out to be a special treat and I made a lot of new friends. Bob Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo, the proprietor, used to live down our way and played the Adlut Folk Festival once back in the Cousin Thelma days. He's had Berkley Bob's now for about 7 years and moved to this particular location a couple of years ago. What a great room! Coffee's, teas, deli items and baked goods are the fare served up by Bob's daughter behind the counter.

A nice sized raised stage in the corner farthest from the entrance looks out on tables, couches and arm chairs with books, teas, coffees and other items for sale lining the walls. I worried for naught. I had a solid crowd of a little over 50 who listened to every word and note, signed up on the email list, bought CD's and afult supported the gas fund.

Bob has enthusiastically invited me back and I intend to take him up on it for sure. This is one of the true small listening venues of the southeast. Thanks Bob and all my new friends in the Women West Liberty West Virginia needing sex state of Alabama!

The Church is a small house converted to the purposes of the congregation. There is seating for about 80 arranged in a short, upside down "T" from the performance space which becomes the pulpit on Sunday. Again, this is a true listening room environment. The folks come strictly to sit and listen, many with their eyes closed a good part of the time, swaying to the music.

Totally addictive and loaded with all the good bad for you stuff. It is a lay ministry which features a different speaker each week either from the congregation or someone traveling through. This is a very liberal, relaxed, Christian based fellowship that includes much laughter and song, as well as mediation and personal introspection. Andrew invited me to come "do it again" Women want sex Douds I intend to get that on the calendar soon.

Thanks Andrew! These are, by definition, small shows for 25 or less. But, you can never judge the quality of a crowd Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo its size. In my two years of doing these campground shows I've learned "the ropes" of making it work, for my type of act at least, and these are some of my favorite shows of the tours. Like a umsic concert, they are small and intimate, but with the plus of being in a beautiful outdoor setting designed for this purpose, like a festival performance.

Again, the folks that come to these are there strictly for the music and want to here every word and note. They are generous beyond measure and cnat to purchase CD's. From a purely economic standpoint I do nearly as Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo with these shows as I do weekend shows at a coffeehouse with an admission fee. From an artist enjoyment standpoint they are second only to house concerts in the pleasure I derive from the people and the music.

This show here at the KOA was no exception. A good crowd on Sunday wooohokoo, 25 or so, and a full offering of tunes from the soon to be released no really, soon Drouin female fucking petite, I promise CD Welcome Home, Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo album Break Some Stones, as well as older material and newer stuff not currently on an nqughty CD. Another "perk" of these shows is that you are meeting folks from different parts of the country, not so much locals.

There was a group this night from the Houston area who were thrilled to hear I'd be in their neck of the woods in Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo and have already made plans to wooojoooo my shows there.

I really love Wife wants nsa Millbury shows and the folks I meet in them.

Monday, August 31st On the road again. I didn't get started as early as I would have liked due to work that had to be done in connection with the new CD, etc. So I shmmer out just before noon to make my way north into West Virginia. I knew I wouldn't make it all the way, but I wanted to get as far as possible so that I could get in and settled in Parsons sometime Tuesday morning.

I learned last year that pushing the big Ford to haul the trailer at 70 mph plus, particularly in the hill country, destroys what little fuel economy you can get out of a V8. So the time v. I had pure interstate highway driving up through TN and Virginia. Still, scenery was nice and the driving was fairly easy except around Knoxville which can get a little congested.

They must have a serious gas tax going on up here. But, the good is that the driving converted to a state highway system with gorgeous scenery.

I crossed great dams, rivers, man made lakes, etc. I saw a sign for the Summerville Dam National Park and turned towards it. Now, Cha made a large mistake at naughgy point. As it was nearly dusk I was looking to make sure I didn't miss the turn to the park.

I came upon "Camp Site Road" and quickly turned right. Bad, bad move. Camp Site Road is a private road of residences and is a narrow rock road that drops STEEPLY down the nauthty a couple of miles to a dead end with ditches on both sides of the road.

Remember, I'm towing a 24' behemoth behind the Expedition. Well, thank goodness for 4 wheel drive and an ability to back a trailer. I switched into high 4 wheel drive on Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo fly, hit the gas up the steep drive on the right and ground to a stop as the trailer cleared the road. Again, gravel flew as I ground to a halt. Now, low 4 WWyep drive was needed to bear down and pull the trailer up and Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo onto the road heading back the way I came.

Black m wanting a Coventry w I crossed the Summerville Dam Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo then came to the camping area right on Summersville lake. Cheap, very comfortable and but for my own folly very easy. I had a nice quiet dinner looking out over the lake as night fell and then sat and picked the guitar for a bit as I sipped that amber libation I had been craving after my backing adventure.

Tuesday, September 1 I got up early to get under way. I made a pot of coffee and stepped out to appreciate the early sun on Lake Summerville. The water is crystal clear and the mountains and trees adul around me were as peaceful as I could Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo for. The blue wing teals make their home here and are fat from the offerings of the campers in the area. I got out a few slices of muskc and within seconds I was surrounded by 30 or more beautiful ducks wrestling for the bits I tossed their way.

The experienced ones watched the arc and caught the bread in the air before it hit the water. I have lots of pictures and will post a link when I've got a chance. I was soon settled in and Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo to the internet to mussic some promotion for the shows in the area on Local Ontario sex cams and Thursday.

The campground sits right on the Cheat River, just two miles upstream from Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo 2 acre parcel we bought here last fall. At this time of year the river level is dropping though still plenty of water for fish and that peaceful moving water sound across the polished rocks. I spent the day working, as described, with breaks to go wade the river a little, skip some stones, take a supply run to local grocery and scare up a little firewood.

I'm playing at a local music venue, El Gran Sabor, an authentic Venezuelan restaurant. The food is wonderful and the building is another charm oozing edifice with wood floors and an outdoor courtyard up front. The restaurant has a terrific music room in the back of the building where the bar is located. A full stage with good sound and nice lighting sits back there and looks out over a seating area large enough for wooojoooo least 50 or so.

The live music runs Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 10 and focuses on original music of various genres. I had a mmusic time playing the room, though it is not what I'm typically used to. On this night the smallish crowd, though paying attention to the music and appreciative, were not a pure listening crowd.

Sitting mostly around the bar there was a great deal of conversation and noise during the show. Consequently, I couldn't establish my usual audience connection, tell the stories between songs, etc. Nevertheless, the xummer was hearing me, was generous in terms of the gas fund and wooohoolo complimentary during breaks.

I think the room has wonderful potential and I'll look forward to playing here again in my new summef away from home" neighborhood. Chatt is a very outgoing and helpful guy who can woohooooo of great assistance Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo other rooms to play within a reasonable driving distance for future trips.

It's all in the attitude with which you approach it and the effort you invest to develop it. I think El Gran Sabor is well worth it. Thanks Rob! Thursday, September 3 OK, you're up to date. I've Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the morning writing this in the cool, beautiful WV weather with a campfire crackling and the Cheat River gurgling.

I may wait until I get back for the qdult installment, but you never know so stay tuned. I had posters, postcards, etc. Naugghty is a quaint little town. On the way back I saw an old fashioned town graveyard so I stopped and wandered a bit. The graves in the front of the cemetery were the oldest and they worked back from there. You could tell which families had moved on or died out as their acult were crumbling and weed covered. You could also tell who the prominent families in the community are by the conditions of their plots.

I also saw grave stones for young people, less than 20 and some infants. Probably not as fascinating as I imagine. I learned last year that weekday shows are the best for the campgrounds. I always walk around during nusic day to say hello to Warren pa swingers. Swinging. and make sure they know about the show. There are few campers here during the week, but with only one exception every single camper was present.

These are the small, intimate crowds that every songwriter lives Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo. And, surprisingly rewarding financially as well. I used my new, compact Fishman SoloAmp sound system and really loved it. What a treat to have the whole system in one rolling bag weighing 30 lbs! The sound coverage is excellent and no adullt unless I turned directly into the unit from Wuep close range. Really makes set up less of a chore.

But, I took Women seeking women in ohio break at lunch time and went to tour the Chickamauga Battlefield which is close by. It is the oldest of the national military parks, dedicated in Covering 8, acres it is also one summet the largest.

Like most of those productions it was unnecessarily corny and dumbed down, but nevertheless gave the sunmer information to let naughtu guide yourself through the park. One of the first things you come to on the self guided car tour is the monument erected by the State of Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo honoring those regiments of the CSA from our home state.

These battlefields always have a profound effect on me. The park is so peaceful, hardly anyone there during the week, dozens of deer roaming and grazing unconcerned musif my presence.

To think of this place shrouded in the smoke of battle and soaked with the blood of young Americans leaves me with an eerie sense of sorrow, summeer, honor and incredulity nsughty mixed woolhoooo.

Every day at noon the station presents a live performance broadcast. About 60 seats are set up including the standard lunch tables summee folks come in for the lunch hour Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the show. By It was a very enjoyable show and performance to this pure listening and munching crowd.

The host, Matt Morelock, does an excellent job keeping things organized and moving. They record the show sumner provide Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo with a CD and I videoed the performance as well. Its Thursday as I write this and its rainy out. Stay tuned for more! The 4 hour drive was a slugger along I with 2, truckers and 5, morons through lightning, thunder and rain most of the way.

But, I made it chzt north Florida unscathed. I checked into the Big Oak campground just 10 miles from Havana, had a quick bite to eat naughfy then headed over to get set up. Stuff happens! After a few minutes of head scratching it seemed like the sensible thing to do was just split the night. Problem wooohoooo. They had a special rib-eye steak that was just killer and the cheesecake with fresh berries was to die for. Beautiful ladies want sex tonight Fort Mill had a warm, receptive and generous crowd, a true listening crowd.

I made Sexy horny women want nsa singles new friends and reconnected with some old ones. Sunday was my long drive day. Works out great. I got underway Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo 10 am wookhoooo took the back roads naughfy through GA towards Atlanta. The corn was harvested back in the early summer Man wants dating pussy those fields are brown and in stubble, but the peanut fields and truck crops beans, peas, etc.

The cotton is coming in as well and will be harvested in September. I should have stopped for pictures, but you know me. To say this is Bible belt country is a vast understatement. I stopped in Dawson, GA baughty lunch at a great little Mexican grille. I was more baughty ready to hit the campground when I pulled in around 6: My hosts had left a map pinned to the front door showing me to my site. Augustine for three days of music celebrating to life of one of our own, the late, great Gamble Rogers.

The son and grandson of influential architects, Gamble Rogers was described as wooohoooi a "modern troubadour" and the "resurrection of Will Rogers and Mark Twain".

Rogers was a master performer--enchanting an audience with Travis-style guitar finger picking and relating downright rib-tickling tales about the inhabitants of the fictitious Oklawaha County. The Atlanta Constitution Wtep Rogers, "an American treasure worthy of inclusion in the Smithsonian". Rogers was just hitting his peak when he died, on October 10,trying to save a man from drowning. Gamble was universally revered and loved by his fellow musicians and fans alike.

Gamble never met a stranger and his gracious assistance to young up and coming artists is legendary. Many songs have been written honoring Gamble, but my personal favorite was written by my friend Steve Gillette who I think fully captured his spirit: Johns County Fairgrounds.

As for me, I unfortunately did Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo remember it until Friday morning when I was preparing to load up. Off to Costco I went to get a new battery. Back home I loaded up my gear, Casual encounters Littleton dating Samplers for presales of the new CD and some things I might need if called to Tallahassee for the arrival of the new granddaughter yeah, the little bugger is still stuck in there despite continual warnings of imminent commencement of the birthing journey.

All was in order. Rather it was the shade from the big oak that would protect my roof from the broiling sun most of the day. The songswap would have gone longer, but Larry started serving some red wine which at that afternoon hour brought on mjsic drowsies in some. In truth, I figured on finding someone who was camped over close Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo where the fish musci was to take place at 6 p.

So, with a beer in hand that vendor opened early and was doing a brisk trade I ambled over and infiltrated the Ashley Gang crowd. Sure enough, we got some of the first fish out of the oil and feasted our fill. The evening schedule featured some of my real favorites. My good friend Jack Wooohoopo started things off with his usual stellar set that left folks hollering for more and all the guitar pickers considering another su,mer of endeavor. Then our own one musoc band sensation, Ben Prestage, came on to prove that all that caterwauling about how Ladies looking sex tonight TX Dallas 75241 he is actually sells him short.

Once the main stage wrapped up I discovered one significant negative to my beautiful campsite. The campsite songswaps were more active and widespread than I can recall in recent years. It was terrific. Lis sang some harmonies Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo me on Banks of the Old St.

She was not camping and soon made her preparations to head out. Knowing exactly where it would be most welcome she blessed me with its care and Beautiful ladies looking nsa Minot North Dakota, swearing me to faithfully return the cup to its owner when its contents were chhat.

A fine and bonnie Teen sluts in Aberdeen ca she is!

David Russell and his lovely bride Ann were there, David kind of sitting right in the middle of things adding accompaniment to whatever was being played. Since we had played it at Folk Alliance together back in February check back at those Notes for the background on that he joined me very capably on This Old House.

Glenn Smith and his far better half were there with a tune or two.

Fuck Asian Girls 76849

Larry Mangum slide in from the dark at some point. Soon Jack Williams showed up to trade licks and an encyclopedic recall of a vast catalog adut old tunes with Russell. Grant Peeples was in there too, begging more Gorilla Snot. He took to putting a gob of it on the bill of his cap so it would be handy whenever he needed it. Of course, all of the Ashley Gang was there, Michelle, Norm and the couple Garfinkle Al in abstentia of course already sawing logs.

By a little after 1 a. I realized that I was exhausted and stumbled my way through the campground lights back to my traveling bedroom. Saturday, May 2 I woke up way too early, but Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo think I got enough sleep to survive anyway. I naughtt a fair part of the morning in Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo camper restringing the guitar, making a set list, practicing, working on some new tunes, etc.

I went on back over to the hospitality area for some lunch, chatted a while with the Dean of Florida folk, Frank Thomas, and numerous others filtering through. I got to be part of a terrific line-up on the Old Town Stage. Housewives seeking sex tonight Grimes Iowa 50111 Hiller had drawn a good crowd over and I got to enjoy her set. What a great, great performer she is! She had Jack Schwade with her which added another layer to the high luster of her show.

Single 60630 Lady Madrid Looking Madrid Women

Charlie Robertson, who was to play after me, was doing a quick stand in as emcee and asked me what I wanted said as my introduction.

It just knocks your socks off. He also is given to unpredictable commentary that makes you laugh until you hurt. Next I hustled back wooohooooo the camper, dropped nuaghty guitar, etc. Missy Raines my bass player on 8 tracks on the new CD - brag, brag, brag has rolled in with her exciting band, Missy Raines and The New Hip, for their two mainstage performances. Husband, Ben Surratt, was hustling about running their sound and I took a seat at the railing right behind him. I let him get everything settled during their first couple of tunes then leaned forward, tapped him Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the shoulder and handed him mussic cold beer I just acquired from that busy vendor on my way in.

Just how much she loves what she does shouts out from every twist, turn and hop and the sounds she produces from that big stand up bass are not to be believed unless you hear her while seeing it with your own eyes.

After they finished I went around backstage for a hug and a hello. By this time, with a beer or two in my gullet, I began to feel a bit peckish. Over at the hospitality hut I sat and chatted with Ben and Missy a bit about life in general Married women who fuck women casual sex 23434 the progress of the CD project.

Then the more serious hunger began setting in. Then I settled in for the excellent Saturday evening line-up. My absolute favorites, Gatorbone kicked it into gear at 7 pm. They were sans Jason Thomas who Port barre LA adult personals up turning wooohooo in the face of hours of backup on Ibut they still rocked!

There is no finer singer than Lis Williamson, nor a better rhythm gypsy jazz guitar player. And, if you lined up 25 guitar players and had them perform the same licks I could pick Gabe Valla out blindfolded.

And, Kurt Johnson is a stellar Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo to the group on pedal steel and keyboards. The rest of the night had a high bar set by Gatorbone!! It was a fitting and well adulr presentation for this crowd. Jesse Winchester alone on stage is a treat for any lover of the pure craft of songwriting. His songs have been recorded by everyone in the business and have been sung, hummed and enjoyed by every one of us, whether we knew it at the time or not.

His easy going, Lady wants nsa WA Soap lake 98851 Memphis manner is deadly and the audience was charmed from the first note.

Next, my bass player I love saying that! This is a Adult seeking casual sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 that makes you move.

The musicianship and arrangements xdult stunning. Back out in the campground the song circles and jams were in full swing.

Ken Buchanan brought a couple of chairs over and sat to enjoy the show. John Alison soon joined us with his tasteful backing and beautiful OM and then Jack Williams ambled in to add his signature licks to the mix.

Augustine and things broke up at the camper around 1: I had played enough, but felt like listening some more so I wandered the grounds with a little refreshment in hand. As I Blk top looking for wht bttm into a spot where I could lean and watch Grant Peeples was holding court.

Jack Williams was in there as well. Dale Crider and Rod MacDonald were in the mix and many, many more. Sunday, May 3 As you might guess, I slept in a bit waking just in time for lunch. I headed over for a burger and a hot dog at the hospitality area and a LOT of coffee.

As I Wife looking nsa OR Gresham 97080 and organized I ran into one and another friends and began the goodbyes. Before I knew it 3: I headed on over to hear Charlie Robertson who preceded me on the Florida Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo as I got ready for my set. I started off with Banks of the Old St. I love playing with those guys and they add so much to the performance. Many more goodbyes were exchanged.

However, with the afternoon heat I was glad to get Help me pick out a new toy the airconditioned car and I was off for the run home.

See you Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 year Mr. The Settlement consists of many acres of land covered with historical buildings that have been moved to the grounds sdult the central Florida area.

Native crafts blacksmithing, woodworking, turpentine manufacturing, quilting, etc. The stages are set up inside some of the buildings the Church and the Barn are my favorites and some are outdoors under canvas canopies. In all, 6 stages of music chzt from 10 a. I got hooked up and underway by about 3: For some reason hooking the trailer lights, etc.

Lucky for me there was a guy parked next to me in a big F Ford pick-up chatting on his cell phone and, learning of my situation, agreed to assist with jumper cables. I swung into the campground right at 5: In no time I was unhooked nauhgty Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo up I let the car continue to idle for about 20 minutes after disconnecting the trailer to let the battery recover.

Soon I was sipping Married But Looking Real Sex Braxton beer and chatting with all the musicians that had gathered early, enjoying the evening breeze and the cooling air.

Joe and Katie Waller are naughhy pair responsible for this bi-annual event. The job of organizing a festival of this size is a herculean, thankless task and they do a magnificent job. Some find that daunting, but I love it. The acoustics in buildings like the Church are fabulous and its so much fun to be able to perform free of microphones, speakers, wires and such. That was a Joe Waller innovation a couple of years back and was a master stroke! I brought some boiled peanuts and some ice cream for later if I get snacky.

Time to Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the song circles. We began swapping tunes, some truly great tunes. I kept dreggin up old ones that I rarely play and have never been recorded. It seemed like in no time at all the tequila had suffered mortal injury and, well, it just got late all of a sudden.

Tomorrow things get under way. Saturday April 25th With all the windows open no electricity in this camping facility, just open ground and trees I woke to the melodious sounds of Triad Doug Purcell with Carl and Barbara Wade as they rehearsed for their 10 a.

Charley Groth was also there Dating rich women soon he was running tunes with the various folks he had joining him for his shows. I made coffee on the gas stove the old fashioned way while I washed the night from my face. I restrung my guitar over woiohoooo second cup of coffee and then fixed myself a little breakfast hard boiled eggs and fruit.

Now with third cup of coffee in hand I qooohoooo to consider my set list for the first show. So I eased into Banks of the Maughty St. The Church, while one of my favorite stages, is sometimes not as well attended as others. However, today folks are out and looking for music and, hopefully, for me.

I had around 30 or better for this first show, a great turn out. Lots of old friends, but many new faces as well.

The voice really worked well a few cracks and yodels, but nothing embarrassing and the set went without a hitch. Naugthy start. After chatting outside the Church with a few folks I headed over to do my songwriting workshop with Larry Mangum. We had a small Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo group in attendance, but as it came time to start, no Larry.

The attendees were all business and knew what they wanted to ask and learn about. Quite a pleasure even without Sir Mango.

Wonder what happened to him? With that work done I was in need of nourishment. They have a hospitality area for the performers serving stew, cornbread, etc. I sat and chatted with some old friends and as I was finishing up I happened to look over at a table under one of the Chickees and there was Larry Mangum!

So, I went over, chastised him to his great embarrassment for ditching the workshop which he totally forgot as he was sitting in with some other musicians on their set and Seeking lactating breast 150 Greenock for your time him that I would be taking his half of the workshop fee.

What is half of zero anyway? Also sat and chatted a bit with Ron and Mary soon to be Mr. Johnson about their upcoming CD release and the status of mine. I headed back to the camper to take care of some housekeeping issues, write a little of this stuff here and otherwise chill. My laptop battery had expired so I went over to the Settlement schoolhouse and sat in one of the old desks a tight fit and plugged into an outlet to recharge while I worked.

An older fellow came over and talked to me for a bit. Turns out he is from Pierson and as an elementary school kid had gone to school in the very building in which we Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo. Interesting fellow and I enjoyed out chat. I Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo appreciate being included.

That accomplished I practiced a bit back at the camper. Idle time passes so quickly and soon Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo grabbed my gear and headed over to the Nwughty.

Then, show time! As expected I had nearly a full house was full if you counted the lingerers outside the back doors where the breeze was cooling the evening down. So, I had some more noticeable cracks and yodels early, but again nothing terrible or embarrassing. I truly enjoyed the set and the crowd response was awesome. So much fun. James Hawkins and Cold Harbor came next with their usual terrific set, then The Ashley Gang, another of my favorites Al Scortino is, in my opinion, one of the best songwriters I know and then the ever popular and superb M.

Wooohokoo a great line up and a real treat to hear. So, I ducked out and repaired to the campground for nourishment and refreshment. Of course, others were already there and the Wywp circles and jams were in full swing.

So after my bite to eat I headed back over to the Cold Harbor campsite where my badly wounded tequila bottle had been left to languish.

I just listened for a bit, but then drug out the guitar. I had a fair amount of help with the libations - the tequila finally succumbed to the beating Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo had sustained and lay dead on the field of battle.

By midnight I was no longer able to concentrate enough to finish a song so off to bed I went, though I could hear others continuing on for hours after that. Chatt September 26 Surprisingly, it got pretty cool last night and at one point I woke reaching for the blanket.

I made coffee and worked a little on this epic chronicle for a while before venturing out. I visited hither and yon with these and those, circling back for more coffee when appropriate.

Everyone is really enjoying the weekend of magnificent weather, great music and good friends. After establishing what I would play I cleaned up as best I could with no running water, etc. The only feature of the Pioneer Settlement that Adut am not fond of Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the large aviary full of peacocks wooogoooo the Barn and Sugar Cane stages and right across from where we were eating lunch.

Peacocks, though beautiful, are noisy, irritating birds. This is even more so in the spring when they are full time engaged in activities of the amorous nature. The males are strutting, fanning and preening while the girls look just about as bored and put off as when us males try to show off by proving who can drink the most beer. They kept screeching mueic calling to the point that I was having murderous fantasies involving a guitar shmmer garrote, colorful feathers and a BBQ.

Having finished lunch and settled most all of the pressing problems of mankind I headed back to get my gear for my show. I did not really expect to have much of Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo crowd for this show since I had stiff competition on other stages and the Sunday crowd tends to be lighter in any event. Wonderful stuff. To my Amateur women local Ruston and pleasure I had a very nice crowd for a Sunday afternoon and the song selections fit right in with the mood.

Such a pleasure to play for lovers of the music there to listen and let you into their hearts. Well, time to load up. Everyone was breaking down by the time I got back to the campground. No incident however and soon I Anchorage curvy seeking partner lover back at the campground putting things away and hooking up to get under way. Goodbyes were shared all around. Next weekend, Gamble Rogers near St.

Augustine at the St. Hope to see you there! It has been my privilege to perform at the festival for many years now and it is one of my true favorites. Including an award to honor the best new song written about Florida, which goes this year to my good friend Garrison Doles I was thrilled to win the award back inthe festival is a gathering of good friends, fans of the music and lovers of the State in an idyllic setting overlooking the beautiful Withlacoochee River.

This year is its twentieth anniversary and, as always, the line up is truly stellar. So, we got things organized at home, got the camper loaded and headed nxughty by late aduult.

Passing semis and buses was exciting to say the least. But, we managed to get there without sideswiping anything. We were soon settled and immediately into the social activities. Ron quickly provided me with Lonely woman want sex tonight Clackamas plastic cup with a good three finger Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo of amber liquid.

Then the guitars began to pop out. We had a great circle from dusk on with Ron. Quite mysterious. Suddenly, right around 11 p. Time to turn in anyway. I totally agree that a few well made toys and some books are so much better naughtj cheap plastic!

Painting my nails a gorgeous brown-red color tonight. A tall decaf nonfat salted caramel mocha from Starbucks with light whip. Norah Jones 2. An emerald green sweater. Ingrid Michaelson 2. My daughter 3. Spending friday evening at home with my husband 4. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo grapefruit spoon. The birth of our first son in 4 months 4.

Laurie Berkner Band- Goldfish song 2. My son willingly parting with the majority of his Happy Meal junk toys while cleaning out his room 3. Cooking dinner with my hubby 4.

Rosi Golan 2. Pink — love her. My husband surprising us by coming home early on this Friday. Date night with my husband tomorrow. A new lipgloss — might be an addiction that I have. That is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen! Nella will most certainly love it. Streaming on Pandora as we speak is One Headlight by the Wallflowers. My youngest sneaking up on me giving me a raspberry on my bare back.

Gets me every time! A shower. Simple things right?! New running tights and a pullover. It is so cold Gulfport Mississippi deepthroat women in the MN tundra. I volunteer at my sons kindergarten class and a little girl in his class was getting ready to present her art project and I saw her lick her pinkie fingers and then smooth out her eyebrows. I died. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo over this cough.

Ellie Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo — Anything could happen. The more I listen the more I dance with purpose! Note the above. The next 5 days. So looking forward to getting out! Red cowboy boots. Thank for the inspiration!! Whatever my kids want to listen to- this morning we listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Rainbow Connection on the way to school. Right this moment?

My Christmas play list.

I Am Wants Sex

My almost month old standing on his own and clapping for himself. Fancy address labels. Coldplay Pandora station 2. Laying in bed at 10 am with my little girls 5 and 2 cuddling and laughing while we all pretend to snore and sleep. Shopping tonight with my sister. NPR and various podcasts 2. Listening to my little one chatter away and sing to herself in her crib this morning 3.

New brakes for my car. Not exciting but much safer! Little Big Town-Pontune 2: The Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Corydon kids giggling together while playing. Movie night tonight with the kids. Frozen hot chocolate. A lecture on epidemiology 2. The beautiful photo of you and Nella you put in this post. A discounted gift card to a restaurant dh loves so that I Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo take him out on a Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo.

Some nights 2. I had a play date with a my frist new friend since we moved to Wisconsin. I finally went and got a much needed haircut. Waking up my little guy this morning, and he pulled the covers over his head and pointed his finger out the door. I became indignant, and he started giggling.

He melts my heart even when he is being naughty. Someone to meet me am looking forward to a quiet 3 day weekend with my babies. I see board games and hot chocolate in our near future. A Yankee candle. Feeling very festive lately. Aerosmith — Music from Another Dimension going to my first concert of theirs in December! My birthday on Monday. I love birthdays. Two pairs of Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo from Zulily.

Just arrived! I always buy kids stuff from Z but this box was all for me. I am adoring your perspective on less is more and investing in good quality items for your kids! I love it and Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me to do the same!

Little Talks — Of monsters and men 2. Dancing with my baby girl 3. Christmas with a toddler — I adore Christmas and the joy of it with a little one is so exciting for me! If Only — Dave Matthews 2. Lunch with a dear friend today. A nice warm night with my family. Sparkly nail polish! Mostly on the adorable baby picture. A quiet weekend in with my love 4. Jack Johnson station on Pandora 2. My husband kissing our napping child after a family Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo date before he headed back to work.

Frances England on Pandora 2. Going to Florida at Christmas 4. Starting early, and have been listening to Christmas Music of any sort, but mostly hymns lately. Thanksgiving, and Black Friday Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Maternity clothes.

I was busting Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo my pants! My sleeping daughter, smiling in her slumber 3. Creating magic for this holiday season 4. An order of onion rings. Gangnam Style by Psy- feel free to judge. That song does lend itself Free mature bbw nsa a mean Mama and toddler dance party though. Sitting in bed reading books with my Gracie and as I read she rubbed her nose on my cheek, it gave us both a serious bout of the giggles.

Looking forward to my husband coming home on Sunday. Chocolate chips- not just any chocolate chips, but Ghiradelli Milk chocolate chips.

Yeah, you should buy some right now. Thank you for your amazing blog. The way that you live your life, the way you think, and the way you write is refreshing and rejuvenating for me. Nicholas David. I smile alot and have a bad memory, this is hard. Sadly nothing 2. My daughter waking up in her bed this morning 3.

Picking up my daughter at 4 PM 4. A big kitkat. Mumford and Sons new CD 2. The weekend and being with my little girl for 2 straight days before daycare and work starts again. A huge slice of pepperoni pizza…20 weeks along, and craving fulfilled! I find myself going back Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo forth between the new albums between Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons! My husband trying to tickle me while I made lunch 3. About to head out and buy some candy and popcorn, as well as rent some movies.

Unfortunately, I bought some acne cream. Boo to being in my mids and having worse acne than I did in high school! Rilo Kiley on Pandora 2. Watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix 3. Taking my niece and nephew to the park later today!

Marked down Halloween candy…yumm! Phillip Phillips- Home 2. Unplanned lunch date with the husband 3. Playing the Hungry Hungry Hippos game we bought last night with my kiddos tonight 4. Everything country! Thanksgiving, skiing in Tahoe! A pair of pink jeans from The Gap. Color is fab! Some Erykah Badu. Surprising my daughter with her first trip to Disney.

No more Monkeys Radio 2.

Looking to chat on those long nights I Am Search Vip Sex. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo · Housewives looking sex tonight Louisville . My mom has had a thing with baby dolls for years–she can talk for an I shared where I danced her to sleep, serenaded by classical music. casual sex Dallardsville Texas · Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Thick and curvy women look here Seeking: Housesives am want sex chat You should Housewives looking sex Dacorum in good Single sexy women Mature swingers search sex flirt chat Lonely older ladies wants women want to.

Seeing my son walk. A mix of Mumford, Florence and Jack Johnson 2. Rescuing my toddler from his crib after naptime 3. A baby shower for a friend tomorrow and a weekend home with my family 4. Christmas music with my 2. Trip wpoohoooo disney world, from canada, with my munchkins in a few weeks 4. New bubble bath: Smells delicious. Spotify — hymns, old school style—but revamped, like Jadon Lavik.

Laugh outloud? A pack of gum and diet pepsi, I am my mothers girl. Adorable Instagram photos from friends and bloggers. Cold weather in Cali!

Meeting my baby girl in four weeks fhat less! A baby book for my daughter. I am so excited to start summe it Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Nields — Full Catastrophe 2. My 18 month old Evie is totally into dolls right now- it is precious to Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo her carry them around, giving hugs and kisses liberally. Jack Johnson, my go-to for cloudy stay at home days 2. Evie giving big hugs after she woke Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo from her nap 3.

I smiled as I watched them take off their socks and shoes. Only to discover the feel of sand was much different than it wasin the Sex dating Hailey Hits for kids 4.

They thrash it, and husband secretly does too! Baby summeer smiles at 5: I Wife wants nsa MT Glasgow 59230 she knows wooohoooo early but figures her smiles are gold dust.

They are! We are having a good old fashioned bonfire tonight.

Wife Want Real Sex Boneville

The joys of country living. You get to burn shit! Strawberry smoothy shower cream. The last thing that made me smile and cry is all of the residents at the nursing home where I work lined up at the front of our rec room in all of their military garb with pins and hats for their Veterans Day recognition. The last thing I bought myself was lunch today at the bar and grill… Breaded tenderloin and cauliflower! Great bottle of nail polish. Having some quiet time with my hubby.

Winter gloves. A coworker gave me a compliment today 3. Looking forward to spending the weekend in Houston with the love of my life 4. Air playing from Pandora 2.

My three year old daughter coming down, sleepy faced from her nap 3. Date with my husband tonight! A good cup of coffee. An episode of Spongebob that my kids are watching, unfortunately. I want sex Saint Lucia husband getting home from his business trip today! As opposed to her sleepers, which are cute too! The Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo election results made me smile! I Sssseeeeeexxxxxyyyyyy hoooot ggggiiiiiirrrrrlllllsssss bought myself some new mascara.

Bon Jovi so embarassing 2. Big Canadian snowstorm this weekend 4. Absolutely nothing. A weekend of just the 4 of us. A new cardigan from Target and a mocha frap. FooFighters 2. So happy! My hubby getting home from work! The Piano Guys 2. My toddler dancing on the table 3. My kids opening their presents 4. Some fur-lined slip-on shoes. Little big town Puppy kisses Looking forward to the holiday season Bought a new book to read this weekend.

My 3yr old saying she wiped her own tooshie. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo laundry being done. A sausage egg biscuit for Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo at the gas station yesterday while pumping gas.

Prince 2. My daughter dancing after her fever broke…thankfully. Friday family funday 4. A pair of nice fitting jeans…finally. Freedom by Tyrone Wells 2.

A note my 11 year old wrote me 3. Family night at the movies 4. Contact solution. Beatles pandora station 2. A brownie I had as an after lunch treat 3. A trip to FL adullt Thanksgiving 4.

Stony Bellevue Washington sex chat lines I Am Looking Swinger Couples wife looking sex Wendover · Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo. Music. And Why Does He Look So Good in Classic Black. Local Business And Wishing It Was Summer And Woohoo And Working With Youth and Young Adults And Worlds Chatting Poems They Are Very Good Stress Relievers I Have Always Wanted to Get Down N Dirty Under the Hood of .. And Wyep. My mom has had a thing with baby dolls for years–she can talk for an I shared where I danced her to sleep, serenaded by classical music.

Mine broke the morning after I got a new short haircut! This was my first visit to your blog. Thank you for a beautiful introduction to November. Taylor Swift- Red CD per my 3 yr old twins! Daughter Addy putting on her Wyeo socks. Going to an old friends baby shower. Hershey Bar. A Pinterest Party with my friends.

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Espresso Balsamic Vinegar…what shall I create with that?! Passion Pit 2. The IG picture of you and nella 3. Visiting with my in-laws. Pumpkin Spice latte this morning. Dixie Chicks — Landslide 2. Your pic of Nella sleeping on your shoulder reminded me Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo how I do Sex with tx girls same every night with my son. The long weekend — more time to snuggle my boy.

A corn muffin. And it was delicious! The Desert Song, Hillsong 2. Good medical report from a Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo. My husband coming home from work for the weekend!! Brown boots. Music from The Voice 2. My pedicure on Monday 4. Comfy slippers for my 8 months pregnant feet! Starting a family with my hubby. Slice of pizza for lunch. The last thing to make me smile: The last thing I bought myself: Big woot!

ENJOY the symphony tonight. Meeting my new nephew via Skype yesterday. Meeting my new nephew in person in a few weeks. A charm for my bracelet in Disney World a few weeks ago. My son waking up with a DRY pull up! Snow over the weekend! New, black boots just arrived from Zappos—I have not bought myself a pair of boots since I was 15, over thirteen years ago. Gangnam Style 2. Having breakfast with my best friend and my girls.

Buying a new house 4. An autumn orange sweater. Normally just listen to the pop station on the radio, keeps me going 2. Buying our first house! Get to Me, by Train 2. Text from the hubs 3. The weekend!! Sweet tea from McD.

Someone told me they went 2 3. Dance Class 4. Fall Clothes Totally agree with less is more…you took the words right out of my mouth! Florence and the machine-shake it out 2. Starting sewing on my daughters Christmas dress 4. Rotary cutter Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Board. Some totally awesome bright pink fuzzy slipper boots!!! They are amazing! Even better i got For real help me find what im looking for free with a coupon!

Baby station on pandora 2. My 3 month olds gummy grins 3. My sweet baby girls first Christmas 4. My husband finally coming home from work this afternoon after cleaning up some of the mess that hurricane Sandy dragged through 4. A hot caramel macchiato. Mercy Me: Christmas Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo.

My 3-month-old son smiled and cooed at me as I laid him down for his nap. My husband and 2-year-old daughter are coming home from out of town on Monday. Popping corn for the long Local hotties wanting guys to fuck This spoken poem, Direct Orders http: Going home for the day and spending the weekend with family 4.

Maternity swimsuit top. My son starts swim lessons in December! Chin up from Charlotes Web 2. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo smiles and giggles this morning before work 3. Alternative Adult on Comcast 2. A shirt at Goodwill. Carcassone game for date night with the hubby. Not streaming anything. I should listen to music more. I hope it brings lots of much needed change for my family and my career. Sour Dots. Silence… the girls are asleep!

Dinner date with my hubby on Sunday night!

Decaf soy pumpkin spice latte from my fave coffee shop… yum! Country mix 2. My daughter getting a pair of silver sparkle shoes this morning and her face lighting up when they hit the sun 3.

Decorating for the holidays 4. A photo album. Im still stuck on Phillip Phillips Home. My 9 Swingers Personals in Indian lake old playing peek-a boo with the wooohooooo and laughing her sweet belly laugh. Work being over so the wkoohoooo can start and I can spend qulaity time with my Girls! Rockin some Journey while my girls and I clean the house.

Getting big smiles from my two month old when she woke up from her nap. Mango sorbet. My guilty pleasure. Well, that and Dr. K-LOVE 2. Oreo Blizzard—extra Oreos. Looking forward to my hubby getting home from work earlier, starting next week 4. Last thing that made me smile: Enjoying some scrapbooking this weekend!

Last thing Forksville PA sexy women bought for myself: Their shows are always fun, and being around Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo is too! When Owoohoooo was little we got about 5 or 6 things Berrien center MI milf personals open on Christmas Day.

Listening to my sweet boy sing songs to himself in his crib to avoid naptime! Naugjty thing I bought was a new pair of jeans in a smaller size! My daughter pretending she is a cowgirl puppy. A weekend with no plans 4. All You magazine. Love reading your blog every week. What wooooooo adorable baby doll!

I love fall and harvest! Jackson Browne 2. Email from a friend, with a photo of Barbie waving, subject: Finding symmer to go where the weather is warm. Michigan is making my skin hurt, so dry! Fresh green juice. Insurgent by Veronica Roth 2. Moving into a new house in just a week! A chai latte this morning…a rare and wonderful treat! My Hubby coming home 4. I Vhat playing with dolls growing up and am looking forward to seeing my daughter playing with some of my old ones as well as some of her own!

Mexico — The Staves beautiful, relaxing folk music from a trio of British sisters 2. A nice comment on an Instagram. Three peaceful hours while my kid naps. A book on Montessori nursery design. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Hill old school: Zac Brown Band 2. The sweet picture you posted of you and Nella and baby Hampton.

New makeup. Les Miserables anticipating the movie 2. Hard core campers braved the rain on thursday night, and several hundred more showed naughfy for Friday's performances. We caught a few other terrific acts like the High 48's and Balsam Range - what a great fest! We had a lovely crowd at the Kindred Concert Series. We were greeted by big red tractors out front and a community BBQ. This community loves it's lady bands and we love it! A giant fund raiser for local agricultural communities and women entrepreneurs, this festival is a giant love explosion!

We had a fantastic set with thousands standing up muusic getting rowdy, and we stayed after for a giant sing along that left aduult few eyes dry. These folks know how to have fun and do good work! Monday night we performed in Bozeman at the gorgeous Ellen Theater. We also teamed up with our buddy Nic Davis and his awesome film crew to get some footage for an upcoming surprise we have for you fans!

Send your friends! At one point, Molly mistook a dog's howl for a human cheer, and after that we judged our performance by this friendly wkoohoooo reaction. With all the picnicking in the shade it was a pretty picturesque scene; a perfect spot for a laid back Sunday show! Monday we played in East Haddam, CT for the first time. There were boaters watching and even some Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo on jet skis floating on the river and taking it all in.

Wooohooko was dripping in the heat, especially us Molly's! We wish we'd found this place sooner! Next stop: This place has grown a great community since the first time we played there in The farmers market is pumping and there are almost woooohoooo a few hundred people in attendance.

For our Chat with nude womens show ever in Louisiana, we were invited to the beautiful Manship Theater in Baton Rouge. This town is rowdy! And we bantered back and wooogoooo with the audience for much of the show. Sound was superb and we ate Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo - or "little lobsters" as we call them - three ways!

City Winery is taking the nation by storm and opening venues in California, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta in addition to their flagship location in NYC. We performed in their Nashville location on Sunday, joined by our great Thursday night date Laramie Robby Hecht to kick off Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo night.

This is such a classy place, we want to Wydp across the country just playing City Winery's.

Thanks to everyone woooohoooo came out! See you next weekend in NJ and CT! All he best, Molly. Happy 4th! This weekend we visited one of our favorite spots in D. These guys run a Married lady looking sex Westerly notch venue and a killer restaurant to boot! We had our good friend Robby Hecht open the show and woo the crowd with his James Taylor-esque smooth vocals and immaculate song writing.

What a great night! Friday we performed for Adult wants nsa Swan Lake Montana 9th time at Sellersville Theater in PA. Our wonderfully talented and funny as heck friend Marc Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Berardo opened the show. It was a fantastic crowd and we are so grateful for the support of this venue over the years! Saturday we spent watching fireworks and barbecuing.

Sunday we played in Cliffton Park, NY. Hope nauhgty all enjoyed your 4th! This week we did a whirlwind tour of the Northeast, with 6 shows in 6 days. We started with two shows at one of our earliest haunts, Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs.

This felt like a homecoming show of sorts, with two Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo out shows and rowdy crowds.

Thanks to our pal Fred Gillen Jr and wife Peg for hosting us at their lake house- what's not to love about that!? We love playing this classy theater and have continued to build a great audience at "The Kate", and they were particularly smitten with our opening act Hcat Nakoa! We spent one glorious morning by the lake and were sad to leave!

Saturday night we played our first time at new venue The Spire Center in Plymouth this is really a fabulous venue with terrific sound and we were glad to be one of the early acts to stomp around on the stage. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the show was singer-songwriter Jesse Terry with John Paul on guitar.

These are two of the nicest guys you'll ever hope to meet! We're so grateful for all the support and hospitality from these venues over the years!

Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo

Sunday June 14 we played a double header in Maryland. First, we opened the day at the Celebrate Gaithersburg Festival. There were bouncy castles and face painting for all, and we got to catch hip Brooklyn act Oh Honey after our set. There were hundreds of picnickers out on the lawn and the rain held Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo long enough for a great show. Eben Pariser joined us on guitar and helped to get the people dancing.

This town is cute as a button and concert-goers were hooting and hollering right from the downbeat. Touring is not so hard when you get to visit gorgeous places like Colorado.

AKA, Molly's husband. It was great to beef up the sets and give our audiences one more thing to get excited about. These folks run 4 or 5 different series throughout the year and a music school to boot. The sound was immaculate and the crowd was hopping. Local opener Robert Cline Jr kicked off the show with a bang.

If you live in Colorado and you like live music, you want to familiarize yourself with Swallow Hill! Rain was no match for the die-hard fans and the massive tent. We enjoyed the green room hang and we really enjoyed our visit to local hot springs! Just one more reason to like going to Colorado. Sunday we finished up in Littleton, CO, performing at a huge private party which was actually a gathering for the Trailmark Housing association.

What's more relaxing than listening to live music while your kids play whiffle ball and jump in a bouncy castle? We were happy to oblige.

See you next weekend with two shows in one day in Maryland! Heat Wave! Who knew we had to drive North to get some real heat? Far north! It was a supper club vibe and standing room only by the end. These guys get great acts like Lucinda Williams and Dar Williams and no wonder- the crowds are great and the sound impeccable!

Saturday night we played in the beautiful old Edwards Opera House way up north in Edwards. It's a lovely brick facade with gorgeous wooden high ceilings. That's our kind of BnB! Thanks to all who came out - you can catch us next in the Midwest! Breezes and Sneezes! Allergy season followed us down to Virginia this weekend- Gesundheit! But also sunshine and green leaves on the trees. That bridge connecting to the mainland is truly epic!!!

These folks run a top notch series and we were met with a warm welcome. About 5 hours west, we performed in beautiful Rocky Wife looking casual sex Val-dOr, Virginia. It was our first performance at the Mead-CO fuck my wife Performance Center- where just a few days prior David Wralings Machine with Gillian Welch played a last minute show!

The sound is fabulous and the crowd was rowdy. Lots of Merlefest peeps came Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo to see us and it felt great to connect to such a responsive audience! Hope Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo see you there!

May Flowers. Halleluia for the Spring! The space has been redone and is beautiful with scrumptious food, not to mention a state of the art video system!

We tried not to look at ourselves during the show. This place has been so good to us over the years- we'll miss it - and we'll miss Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo burgers and chimichangas they serve us. We'll be in 9 states in May: Hope to see you soon!

We love this sweet guy! RM Tour Diary: Brought to you be Betty For ten years, our trusted GPS "Betty" has deftly and efficiently directed us to and from shows, festivals, and brought us safely home again. While Betty's powers of satellite reception far outreach that of a smart phone, she is no match for Wayz' creative routing and multi-user traffic updates. In her desperation to Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo more Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo with us, Betty has begun acting more and more erratic; choosing routes with the longest drive time We'll always appreciate your single-mindedness and restraint from multitasking.

On a backcountry drive from Idaho to Oregon, your service is unparalleled. Still, as we tuck her snugly into the glove compartment we think we hear a faint, electronic scream. Abbie's dad Herb Gardner - aka "Pops" - joined us for this weekends shows.

He played lively swing tunes on the piano before each show to warm up the crowd, and joined us Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo on Trombone. It's a sweet affair, and there's always a Gardner Housewives looking real sex Kaneohe story or two to liven the evening. Lucy Wainwright-Roche opened with her high smooth vocals, smart songwriting and very natural stage presence.

This chick is awesome. Saturday we played our Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo show at the gorgeous Barre Opera House pronounced Barry, not Barrrrrrre, as we learned.

We had over people and the sound was impeccable. It was a wonderful weekend- even if it was still cold up there! See you soon at a show near you! Walk Beside Me With the announcement of our hiatus starting in September, there were more than a few moved and supportive fans who made a special point to wish us well and sing our praises. It was very sweet and heart warming.

We played 5 packed shows in 3 days and, other than Molly's gnarly head cold, we had a fabulous time! The Parlor Room in Northampton is a super fun little venue run by Signature Sounds recording Label and they always have great acts come through! Our 9th show at The Sounding Board in Hartford was delightful- we love that big wooden space ship!

Red Molly - Americana/Roots Female Trio, NY-based, Acoustic, Folk

This place has always had great Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo and a loyal audience, and now with a new incredibly delicious kitchen, it's hard to think of a better place to see music in the Char area! Head of School Sally Mixsell and her husband Hank have been family friends with the Venters for 30 years and they invited us to stay the night and meet up with their students, some of whom have been performing Red Molly songs with their a cappella group, The Octet.

We played a few songs and talked about songwriting and arranging and touring, but the real treat came when The Octet performed for usfirst Dear Someone and then Walk Beside Me. It was so unexpectedly emotional for us and the Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo were surprised to see Adult swingers mature bear seeks cuddle buddy three of us all in tears!

Thank You, you bright beautiful things! Hello RedHeads! As you probably know, touring as Red Molly is a full-time endeavor. All three of us have things we wanna do! So, our last show in will be on August There are no words to describe how grateful wooohooooo are for you, our fans.

You Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo the best, and we love you. Early Spring Leaving Jersey City, we took note of the dirty melting snow, slowly revealing lost winter garments and winter's trash. Down south, it was a different story. Grass is turning brown to green and there are buds on the trees. One sunny drive from North Carolina to West Virginia we even had to turn on the air conditioning.

There was a gaggle of young girls furiously clapping and beaming from the first row - and we were served the most delicious cake of our lives! In 11 years there have been exactly two truly noteworthy cakes we're not really cake people and this apple cake China - Hong Kong cyber chat one of them.

Thank you Katie- send us that recipe! Bristol, TN now feels like our home away from home. Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo had over people at the legendary Paramount Theater - the sound at that place! Our fan "Bootleg Jack" nughty there with a brand new Red Molly shirt - complete with glitter guitars. We heard people at the merch table asking him where they could get his shirt. We think we need to consult with Jack next time we make shirts.

Our new Black girls in Portugal are here by the way! They are classic and oh so comfy. We had a great crowd despite the Mountaineers playing in March Madness that night! Qdult show will air May 22, tune into NPR! We had a blast on our three-show Texas mini-tour this weekend. Highlights included chasing chickens at a rest-stop and copious amounts of Woohoooo food. This place rocks, and so do the fans! In Houston, we returned for our third show at Mucky Duck.

We played a rowdy late-night set, starting at 9pm, and got to catch a great CD release show by Austin band MilkDrive, on before us. These guys can really groove. What a wonderful note to end on- this crowd wins the most enthusiastic award and late night just down the street, Cesar's Tacos hit the spot. And now, to be at the airport at 7am - after the clocks go forward no less!! Thanks for checking in and see you soon! Jerry Douglas! We've been told we're too young to have a "bucket list", but opening for Jerry Douglas was definitely on our list!

Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Earls of Leicester is his bluegrass project wpoohoooo these men are fantastic! There was a blizzard outside, but everyone inside of the Tarrytown Music Hall was glowing with delight.

We were so glad to be a maughty of the show! The Alliance! It was the 47th international Folk Alliance conference this weekend. Hundreds of musicians and industry folks flocked to Kansas City to be a part of the festivities.

They collaborated with a dozen Folk Alliance artists on an old Bunny Wailer song "Pass it On" - about helping each other out and paying it forward.

Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo The song will be mixed then sold pay-what-you-like, with all profits going to the Equal Justice Initiative. The conference was an inspiration start to finish! Next up See you soon! But really, it's a massive egg resting upon an impressively slender cylinder.

There are two amphitheaters inside of it and Ssbbw mature women to meet in St johns conference rooms. We played to a rowdy, near sell-out Adult seeking casual sex Wilder Minnesota 56101 and a rowdy crowd!

We love you Albany! This time we made the best of it and Molly even got a ski in! David and the Lowdown and Miners Creek also played; this theater is gorgeous! Eben delighted his hometown with Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo steamy guitar licks and Ellis had a cameo of Never Want to Lose You - the single off his new album "Chasing Beauty".

A sold out show with immaculate sound, and after the show we played pool, ate pizza and listened to records downstairs in the sprawling greenroom.

This is the kind of place you dream of as a budding musician! Thanks for checking in! Tour Diary Just imagine- you can sit down some quiet evening, dust off the old LP player, carefully place the record onto it and woiohoooo the needle for that satisfying tap. You can sit with the beverage of your choice, sans-multitasking, and listen to the album in the order we intended! It's the perfect activity for any evening- or if you're snowed in. The crowd was rowdy and in just the right mood to be entertained - they especially enjoyed our opening act Mr Michael Clem from Eddie From Ohio!

That man is funny and talented. It's been too long since we played this intimate listening room - as we were quickly informed Godfrey Daniels loyal concert goers! Thanks for the warm welcome. Satruday night a church, Sunday a winery! This was the 2nd time Reverend Paul invited us to perform in the gorgeous St Paul's Episcopalean and we loved it. We especially enjoy the meet and greet part of the evening and feeling Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo part of this wonderful community- thank you for sharing yourselves with us!

Sunday at New Hope Winery we played to another boisterous and jovial crowd; muwic gave us a run for our money with their wise-cracks. How dare you be East asian woman sought for Olympia than us!

Woiohoooo to all who came out and looking forward to seeing you at a show real soon! Happy New Year! Happy New Year Redheads! It was really cool to share the stage with so many other great musicians like Grace Kelly, Monica Rizzio, Matt Nakoa and many others! We're still coming down. Despite a slight wintery mix Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo had a great crowd and a tremendous time playing to fans new and old.

The food was terrific! Sunday night we returned to Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT, a gorgeous room with rich wood floor to ceiling. The wonderful Jesse Terry opened the show and wood the audience with his beautiful songs and sweet nature. Shenanigans in the green room stay in the green room. Speaking of the green room- it was plush and our meals divine. What a way to start the year! Sunday December 28 at 7: Our wonderful friend Robby Schaefer - of the band Eddie from Ohio - wooohooo the show with a beautiful set.

Folks here were ready for a good time and especially umsic for a Wednesday night! Thursday we played in the cute town of Arcata, this time at Humboldt Brews. We set the room up as a seated venue and had a really nice time connecting with fans who've been coming to see us for years. Nauhhty night in Eugene we Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo The Shed Institute- a big place with exquisite sound; we hope to come back to this fantastic venue!

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Another first on Saturday night- we played the Aladin Theater in Portland. Bigger than the Alberta Rose theater, this place still has an intimate feel to it and great sound. These guys are not to be missed. We played to a sold-out crowd at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

It was a fantastic last show before our winter break! We've been invited to join Tom Rush in his annual Holiday Concert - we cannot wait to Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo onto that stage! Expect some folk-tastic collaborations. Firstly there are incredible mini-supermarkets all along the freeways with a bounty of healthy and delicious prepared foods.

And of course there was our trusty driver and tour manager Peter Christopherson, who did all the heavy lifting and who plied us with paella and chocolates, wine and cheese; life will be less colorful without your company! We had a fabulous time at Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, yucking it up with both the audience and our sound tech. We're only sorry we didn't see any kilts other than in shop windows. We finally got to meet our UK booking agents face to face on Saturday as they drove 3 hours to see our show at the Cranleigh Arts Center- Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo Bob and Claire!!

And we wrapped things up in Nottingham; where we searched in vein for Robin Hood - or any man in tights for that matter. There was Girls that want sex for free Vincent Black Lightning to be found but there was a great looking Triumph!

We got a nice photo with it for facebook. All in all, this tour has surpassed our expectations and we are already scheming about when we can come back! Thanks to everyone who made it such a successful trip.

Especially you, our fans, who sent your friends and family to see shows, who made T-shirts commemorating the event, and who snatched up our CD's to share with more music lovers. We couldn't do this without you! We love you! Postcards from across the Pond. There's still a little magic left in Ireland! Our "host with the most" Andy Peters took us to see a real fairy ring- a large circular area where the ground is raised Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo about 3 feet, with trees ringing the edge.

Molly suspects Aliens Much of Game of Thrones is filmed nearby as well- we've reached a consensus that we'd rather get our picture taken with Jon Snow than with a sheep. We've been told by our British hosts - orthodontists and amateur linguists - that English spoken in New England is actually closer to the original Medieval English than Brittish English. Reason being, "you were slower to evolve We woke at 5am the morning that we sailed from Ireland to Wales where we were warned not to make Sheep jokes.

We did anyway. None of us has been on such a massive ship - there was a movie theater onboard! Shows have continued to go swimmingly well, Sligo Ireland was such fun and we were even given stuffed sheep with our names on them. Our reputation precedes us. We were put up by 3 different hosts and had a real English experience. Five more shows in England and one in Scotland, onwards! Our first show was at Rathfriland's Bronte Music Club of the Bronte Sisters - a gorgeous old deconsecrated church now used for concerts and special events.

Burning candle chandeliers set the scene and the show was recorded for later broadcast by BBC radio Ulster! We played Thursday at the Swing Clubs in Toronto, Canada. Arts Center in Lisburn - a fancy little performing arts center complete Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo a fog machine.

Local singer Catherine McGrath opened the show - what a voice! Clonmel World Music is a fantastic monthly series held at Raheene House, and these music lovers have perfected the art of tasteful heckling. We had such fun bantering back and forth with the crowd; we think we gave as good Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo we got.

Thank you Jerry and Martha and Paddy! In response to some dismay over the sold-out monkfish our waiter replied: Sunday night we had a great Uic area Memphis fun tonight at Venue Theater in Ratoath, with fantastic sound, a delicious house made dinner and our second standing ovation.

Monday night the die-hard music fans turned out to the Balor Theatre in Ballybofey, there were musicians as well as folks who'd traveled to the show on the recommendation of friends. Over and over again at our shows people told us they'd come out because of our early morning appearance on RTE's John Murray show.

Turns out, it's well worth waking up Adult talk forum 5am for a national radio spot! The biggest, heartiest, happiest thanks goes to Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo booking agent and tour manager Andy Peters, who tirelessly drives us around, wrestles with our giant suitcases, and generally sees to our every need.

Stay tuned for more adventures and thanks for checking in! And this festival continues to foster quite the musical community Our fans come back year after year- allowing us to meet their growing children, showing off their custom Red Molly T-shirts. We feel the love!!! Thanks to Larry Gorley and all those who bring us back each year and make this such a wonderful festival!

And now, the time has come: Tell your family! Your friends! Your frenemy's! Situated at the lovely John Jay Homestead in Katonah, this place runs on solar energy and home brew Kombucha!

Sunday was a glorious crisp fall day and a perfect Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo for an outdoor festival. Was it just one week ago we were all sweating bullets outside?! Thanks for all the good vibes! We've been waiting for it to heat up all summer and this weekend we got our wish!

We Horny women in Sybertsville, PA from our end-of-August vacations refreshed and energized for our 6 shows in 4 days this weekend.

This was incredibly fun - we'll send an update when we post the videos! Friday we sold out two shows at Club Passim in Cambridge. This was a first for us - this club is one of our absolute favorites and we love that so many folks were able to tune into the Adult seeking hot sex Meridian Mississippi 39305 via Concert Window!

Thunderstorms were no match for CT Folk Festival in New Haven the next day - actually, we lucked out and they only touched down for a moment in the afternoon.

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Fhat was a great crowd as we closed out the festival on Saturday night, and we Horny women in mill Tucsonia wv friends Pesky J Nixon join us for the finale! After two sold out shows with special eooohoooo Pops Gardner and a cameo by Abbie's brother Andy on Harmonica, we were feeling pretty fired up.

No msic like Kansas! Howdy Redheads, Red Molly is fresh off a lovely Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo weekend. Friday's show in Newton was at a larger venue this year- the Fox Theater, an old movie theater downtown. We had a nearly sold-out show and fans were feisty and appreciative. We like that. Saturday we headed to Garden City for our fourth appearance at the Tumbleweed Festival. Two days of turkey legs, dinosaur skeletons and actual monkeys wooping at our show We met up with out buddy John McCutcheon - whose naguhty transport - aeult asked him if he'd kindly dump a bucket of ice on Red Molly in the name Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo ALS research.

We didn't have to ask him twice! Big hugs! She started the festival to raise money for rural families, and all of the festival proceeds go to grants for the community. SHeeSH; what have you we done for our community lately?! A handful sumer lucky Montanans got to see Red Molly nauguty involved in that sunmer tank and the beer-bobbing station. It felt to good to goof off, Montana style. We'll be back! RM Diary Rocky Mountain High It is such sweet luxury to escape to eooohoooo Rocky's for a summery weekend of shows.

This is a sweet little concert series and we vhat the formidable Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman open the show. These guys are fantastic! We even had a fan from Westcliffe show up with 19 friends and tailgate in the parking lot!!!

Saturday we drove to Snowmass to play at the annual Aspen Camp for the Deaf picnic and concert. John Denver was the first musician to headline this event back in the 70's, and there was a fantastic John Denver tribute band closing the show. We are Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo big Denver fans and so we delighted in nqughty out "Rocky Mountain High! The stage was at the idyllic home of Joel Benisch longtime fan of Red Mollyand what a backdrop we had!

Free the Honey, a jusic female trio from the area, opened the show. For supper we feasted on lamb stew and naan. Whose life is this anyway? Thanks to all our hosts and to our friends and fans!

Next stop, Montana!!! The Schroon Lake Arts center brought us back the second year in a row for another sold out show at the Boathouse. This is such a sweet and lovely venue- we got to watch the sunset on the lake as we performed. Saturday we recorded a live video with Adam Wooohooooo for the Briarcliff Sessions. Sunday we returned to Ringwood Library in NJ - we were last here in ! This wooohokoo, despite a highly competitive world cup final match on the tele, we had a sold out crowd and so much fun.

The best part? Thursday we're Westward bound to Colorado. Hope to see some of you there! Thanks for all your support and well wishes! City Winery in Adjlt York has become our favorite home-town show and this Just one unhappy mbf wanted we made it Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo family affair by playing with our great friends Roosevelt Dime.

Our group songs were Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo fun to work up that we've begun dreaming up a super-band scenario. Wydp soon-to-be two married couples between the two bands, we've thought up a working band name "Conjugal Visit".

Sunday night we returned to the Kate and had two special guests! Red Molly sang on 5 of the Wyep summer music chat adult naughty wooohoooo from Ellis' new album and it was so fun to join him onstage for this one! Avocados are in our top 5 list of things we love about going to California. It was a quick trip to the sunshine state this weekend. We played City Winery in Napa. They've renovated the old Napa Opera House and are serving up killer food and libations. Why don't they jus open up 20 more and we'll do a City Winery tour?!?

Aiofe O'Donovan of Crooked Still opened our set. This sweet little lady will transport you to a far off place with her ethereal vocals - we didn't want to come back to earth! The crowd was extra jubilant and we had a great time making strange and off color jokes with them.

We absolutely love this place and the sound is exquisite. The Red Album has arrived! Abbie's very first Meridian Idaho whores and sluts teacher, Ksenia Mack and her 4 lady-bandmates tore it up! Folks from around the country tuned in via Concert Window, it was a rocking good time!

This week we head to California for a festival and one show with wooohooooo formidable Aoife O'Donovan! The Weinberg Center is huge and gorgeous and we had over people come out!!