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Want to run amuck

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Run Amuck: English has never been the most orderly of languages. It borrows words from a wide range of sources, and integrating them into a cohesive language is no small task.

Even the words we use to describe chaos are, themselves, chaotic. The phrase run amok is also sometimes spelled run amuckwhich at one time was the predominant spelling.

Continue reading to find out whether you should choose amok or amuck in the phrase meaning behave uncontrollably and disruptively. In this article, I will compare amok vs. I will use each in an example sentence.

Then, I will explain a useful trick to help you choose either run amok or run amuck. What does amok mean?

Amok is an adverb that describes something that is chaotic or out of control. Its nearly Waht usage is in variants of the phrase run amok, which can be an adverb phrase or a verb phrase.

What does amuck mean? Run amuck was at one point the more Want to run amuck spelling, but it has since fallen out as the predominant spelling.

As you can see from the following graph, amuck was preferred up until the s, but since that time, amok has overtaken it as the standard form.

One is simply used at a much higher rate. Want to run amuck this graph only draws data from books written in English Lady looking nsa Chalfantto the exclusion of other print sources, it cannot be considered scientific.

It is, however, still useful for identifying clear long-term trends in usage. GMEU mentions that both run amok and run amuck originated in the 17th century from a transliteration of a Malaysian word.

Here is a helpful trick to remember run amuck vs. Though some writers still use amuckWant to run amuck is the standard variant of this word.

You should use the latter in all contexts.

Amok and chaotic both contain the letter O. Since these words are synonyms, remembering this shared letter will help you choose amok in your own writing. It is run amok or run amuck? Amok and amuck are two Want to run amuck of the same adverb.

It most commonly appears as part of the phrase run amokwhich means out of control. There is a simple way to remember which form is correct. The adverbs amok and chaotically are synonyms, and they both contain aWnt letter O.