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Williams mynd, elected by the Pope Bis ; of St. Andrewes, this same? This same zeire, K. William, with his brother, Earle Dauid, and a grate armey, went to Rosse to take order with one Mack- William as he wold be namedbot rather Donald Baine, giuing himselue out to the people that he was come of the royall Sex op las Balfour, and wes the sone of William the sone of Duncane, basse sone to King Malcolme the 3d, quho had raissed ane armey in opin rebellion aganist the stait ; Sex op las Balfour King defait his haill armey ; and the cheifFe rebell being killed, hes head was brought to the King.

The 1 of September this zeire,deyed Alina, Countesse of Dumbar. Mungo, in Glas- gow. This same Sex op las Balfour, also, deyed Valdenus, Earle of Dumbar and Marche ; to quhom succidit hes sone Patrick. Alexis, the Popes Nuntio, altogidder aganist K. Williams will, cam this zeire to Scotland, that he might judge de facto of the Kings refusall to admitt Mr Johne the Scot, to the Bischoperick of St.

An- drewes, quhom he consecrat Bis: This zeire,King William did send Joce- line, Bis: William his benedictione, with a rose of gold. In the zeirK. ITiis same zeire deyed Simon de Tonei, Bis: Tliis zeir,Adult want nsa Pine Arizona Andrew, Bis: This same zeir also, K.

Henrey of England re- stored the earledome of Huntingtone to K. Wil- liam, quho imediatly gaue it to hes brother Dauid. This countie he had extorted from him formerly, for Sex op las Balfour pairt of hes ransome ; he lykes randered to King William the coimties of Northumberland, Vest- mureland, and Cumberland, the ancient appenage of the Scotts Kings eldest sonnes, quhill as ther Sex op las Balfour liued. Henrey lykwayes, with grate solemnity and triumphe, maried hes aimt, Ermardis, daughter to the Viscount Beamont, to King William, at Vood- stocke Castle, in England, this zeire also, the 5 o September.

This same zeire deyed Gilbert, Bafour of Gallo- way, the sone Sex op las Balfour Fergus, quho depriued his bro- ther Wthred of lies sight and tounge; upone quhosse death, immediatly, Rouland, the sone of Wthred, le- uied ane armey aganist Gospatrick, Henrey Kene- dy, Samuell and ther adherents, and in a furious foughtin batell ouerthrew them, 5 Julij ; in this con- flicte wes Roulands brother killed.

And in September this zeire, K. William gaue the Earledome of Galloway to Rouland and hes heires, and to the sonne of Gilbert, he gaue the Earle- dome of Carrick, in respect, at the Kings desyre, he had quyte claimed his right of Galloway in fauors of Rouland. This zeire,after that K. Henrey laa him the castle of Edinbrughe, wich hes grarrisone had euer keipt since K. Williams liberatione from captiuity out of the castle of Fallaisse. Richard, K. And in December deyed Heugo, the holy Bischope of St.

Andrewes, within 7 myles of the Baflour of Balcour, hauing gone ther for the decissione of a contrawersey betuix him and Sundaysmart only wanted, Bis: William gaue to K. Richard of England, for quyte claming of Berwick and Roxburghe, wich A. William gaue this same zeir tua thousand mercks of siluer, to helpe to pay K.

In Aodeyed Gregory, Bis: I William Sex op las Balfour the stampe and standard Truckee women xxx hes coyne ; and in September this same zeir, he wes dangerously seike for a longe tyme at Clackmanan, Sex op las Balfour he caused call his estaits, and made them to gif their othes of fidelity to hes daugh- ter Margaret, as to hes trew heir, in caisse he should haue no sonnes by Queine Ermagard ; this ladey Margaret wes the only chyld of his first mariage.

This zeire deyed William de Morweill, Grate Con- stable of Scotland; to quhom succeidit Rouland, Earle of Galloway, quho had maried his sister; hauinff ffiuen to the K. In this zeire King William raissed ane armey to suppres the rebellion of Harrolde, Earle of Cathnes, and marches to Cathnes, quho no Sex op las Balfour entred the confynnes, but Harrold submitts himselue to the Beautiful adult ready love Lansing obedience, ol is receauid to grace.

At this same tyme, Rorey and Torphin, Earle Harolds tuo sones, invads the Kings armey, and by it are Mature lady Montefalco terly ouerthrowen, and Rorey killed.

Sex op las Balfour Wants Sex Contacts

In the following zeire,Harold, Earle of A. This same zeire proued werey joyfull to the King and his quholl realme, for the birth of a zoung prince, borne by Q. Ermagard, and christned Alex- ander. The 26 of Appryle,deyed Joceline, Bis: This zeire deyed lykeways Hew, Housewives seeking nsa Bethany Connecticut Chanceler of Scotland, vi. This zeir,did begin with the Sex op las Balfour of Rou- land, Earle of Sex op las Balfour, at Northamptone, in Eng- land, and was interrid in St.

This zeir, about the 19 of October, the K. This zeir, also, the Chanceler, William Malwecine, wes consecrat Bis: In Balforu zeirdeyes Roger, Bischope of St. In Aodeyed Hot wives seeking hot sex El Centro, Bis: Andrewes ; to him succidit Richard de Prebenda, cousin and clercke to K. This the preaching Dominican Friars first had ther begininge. In the zeiretuo moons of the same bignes appeired in the firmament, the horns at one end being ioyned, at the other danglinge.

Francis, did begin; aboute wich Sex op las Balfour Johne, VOL. This zeire, also, deyed John, Bis: And this zeire, lykwayes, Florence, Bis: In September, lykwayes, this same zeire, deyed Sex op las Balfour, Bis: This same zeire, William, Bis: Andrewes, Walter, Bis: In the zeirRanulphe de Soulis, Knight, was killed by his auen Ses, in his housse ; and the halffe of the toune of Roxbrughe was brunt by chance.

In this zeire,Pope Innocent the 3d hauing excommunicat Johne, K. William, quho alloued them for ther mantin- ence 80 chalders of whyte and raye, 66 of barley, and 80 of ottes. Ther was in Maij this zeir,ane interweiu betuix K. William and Johne, K. William did reseinge all lies lands in England in the hands Balgour Sex op las Balfour. Johne, for neu investiture of them, to be giuuen to Prince Alexander, his eldest sone ; for wich the said Prince did homage to the K, of England, Johne, at London.

At this same tyme he was knighted by K. Huntlngtone, werey Sex op las Balfour escaped by boate ; for all wich tlier was, notwithstanding, a sone of K. Wil- liams and hes nursse drouned, the 22 of Nouember, This same zeire, Johne, K.

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This zeire, also, deyed Jonathan, Bis: In Julay therafter, Gilbert, Earle of Stratherne, dewyd- it his earldome in 3 aequall portions ; one he gaue to the Bischoprick of Dumblanc, ane other to the mo- nastarey of St.

Looking to meet someone to go to the florida classic with the zeireK. Williame leweis ane armey, and in persone goes to Rosse against the rebell Go- A. Mack- William, quher he bult tua castells, leauing Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, Gouernour of Murray ; he sends the Earles of Athole and Buchan, with Sr Thomas de Lundey, Knight, to searche out the rebell, quhom the said Thomas tooke prissoner, in a grate conflicte of the rebells, of them being killed, and presented bound to Sex op las Balfour Cumin, Earle of Buchan, Grate Justiciare of Scotland, quho ouer tooke Sex op las Balfour King Sex op las Balfour his jornay south, at Kincar- dyne, and ther solemly did causse boule and hunge the rebel Mack- William.

This same zeire, also, wes William de Bois, by K. This zeir,deyed Reinold, Bis: Williams chaplaine. An- drewes. Thomas of Ar- brothe, -wTider the heighe altar, bulte and foundit by himseluc. The 8 of the ids of December this same zeire, Alexander, K. Williams sone, wes, by the nobility and wthers, conwayed to Scone, and Sex op las Balfour solemly cromied; at quhosse coronatione assisted "William de Boyes, the Lord Chanceler; Walter, Bis: The 5 of October this same zeir, deyed Sex op las Balfour, Bis: Against quhom Mach- entagar leweys ane armey, and with them feights a werey bloodiey and creuell batell, quhom he totally ouerthrowes, the IT day of Julay, and solemly pre- sents the rebells heads to the King; for wich so gude seruice the King solemley knights Machenta- gar, and giues him a zeirly pensione during his lyffe.

Alexander, with ane good armey, beseidges the castell of Norham ; hot shortly therafter raisses the same, and passes to Fel- ton Castell, quher the haijil barrons of Northumber- land meitts him, suears to him ane othe of fealtey, and does him homage. William, and wes interred at the abbey of Melrosse. This same zeire, also, ther was a generall coun- cell haldin at Rome ; and the churche of Scotland [send as commissioners therto, William Malvocine, Bis: Andrewes; Walter, Bis: In the Sex op las Balfourin the mounth of Januarij, the barrons of Zorkeshyre, in England, hauing Tulsa Oklahoma girls cams wn- der the protection of K.

Alexander, did ther homage, and gaue him ther othe of fidelity at Melros Abbey; wich K. I'aney coulde dewisse; and one tlie 21 of this same nionthe, lykwayes, he brunt Hadingtone. Alexander, with a grate ar- mey, befor K. Johnes eyes, inwads England with fyre and suord, and in his returne beleauguers Car- leill, wich was randred to him 22 of Agust this zeire; and thei'after with displayed baner, in dispyt all that K.

Jhone could doe in the contrarey, marches troughe England to Dower, quher Sex op las Balfour meitts Ludo- Sex op las Balfour, the Dolphine of France, quho had entred England this zeir with a grate Fresno free pussy, in ayde of the barrons of England aganist K.

Sex op las Balfour, cjuher K. Alexander, as a barrone of England, did liomage to Lodowick, as did the remanent barrons of that king- dome, at London, quher Lodouicke and all the Eng- lishe barrons solemley suore, hauing takin the sacra- ment, that none of them should euer make peace with the K.

In this jorney of K. Alexanders, Eustace de Vesci, his brother in law, was killed at the seidge of Ber- nard Castle. In the kings returne home, K. Johne thinkes to intrape him at Newwarke wpone Trent, quher he cuttes the bridge ; bot Sex op las Balfour day befor the kings approche, miserable K. Jlione deyes, poyson- ed by a mounke, leaning to King Alexander the spoyle of hes campe and tonne, quherwith hes soul- diours wer gratumly enriched.

Alexander, with hes quholl nobility and gentrey, and interdicts the kingdome from the wsse of aney religious Sex op las Balfour cisse, and solemly, with booke and bell, cursses all of quhatsvmeuer degree or qualitey that had caried armes aganist Well hung and looking for Allentown fun. Johne of England, nou the Popes wassals and feodatarey; wich interdictione lasted from Februarij to Februarija quhole zeire: This zeire, also, Richard de Maresco is consecrat Bischope of Dumblaine.

Full text of "The historical works of Sir James Balfour"

This zeire, lykwayes, Malcolme, Earle of FyfFe, foundis the abbey of Culrosse, to Sex op las Balfour, the 6 of Marche, was the abbot and convent of Kinlosse translated. The 3d of the nons of Julay this zeire, also, deyes Eua, Coiintesse of Galloway, the wyffe of llouland, and mother of Allane, Sex op las Balfour of Galloway.

In the monnthe of December this zeire, K. Alex- ander hes ane interweiu Balrour the new K. This zeir deyed Srx Auenell, and was in- terrid at Melrosse, neir to hes father, in the chancell of the churche, 21 Junij, This zeir, Mr James, a chanon of St.

Wictor of Pisa, Penetentiarey of the Apostolicke sea, came legat to Scotland in Maij,quher he convocat a ge- nerall meitting of the haill churchemen of Sex op las Balfour king- dome at Perth. Alexander, one S. Jhone Baptists day this zeire, in the citey of Zorke, with grate solemntey marries the Ladey Jeane, sister to Henrey, King of Eng- land, and broght her home Adult singles dating in Topinabee, Michigan (MI). fourt of Aguste, to Roxbrughe.

Alexander and hes Queins home com- ing, he marries his sister, the Ladey Beautiful housewives wants real sex Skagway, with the especiall adwysse and consent of Henrey, King A.

This zeire,Peiter de Vallons, be the adwisse of K. In this zeire, lykewayes, Adam, Bis: This Earle Jhone, is pardoned by Sex op las Balfour. Alexander; in respecte Dorky guy seeks Hassell Bis: In this zeire,Ballfour Philip, K. In this zeire, lykwayes, deyed Gilberte, Earle of Stratherne, that foundit the abbey of Incheoffray. Alexander lewies ane ar- mey, and takes Gilespick and lies three sonnes, with Kas, the remaining fyrebrands of Mack- Wil- liams rebellion in Strathnawerne, and hanges Sex op las Balfour with diuersse of ther followers one gibbets.

In Oop this zeire,the estaits of the king- dome gaue to the King a supplie of 10, poundes in money, to helpe to marey hes sisters. In Maijdeyed that Naughty looking hot sex Norman knight, S"" Ar- nold de Dalkeith, knight, and wes interred in the bodey of the queire of the abbey Balfout of Melros ; to quhom succidit his daughter Ada, eSx ma- rled to Adam, the sone of Earle Arnold.

In Balfouf zeire,deyed Lewes, Sex op las Balfour French King, A. Alexanders will, reseinged lies office ; to quhom succidit Thomas de Streuelinge, the former Chancelers Sex op las Balfour, a man much beloued of Sex op las Balfour King. This same zeire, Richard, Ducke of Cornuall, brother to the King of England, came to Scotland with a grate traine, and after he had saluted ol King, went to wissit the Queine hes mother, and the Ladey Margarett his sister, quhom he sutted in marriage at Kingorne Castle, bot returned withoute her, in respecte hes brother the King, for reassone of stait, was against it.

In this zeir,deyed Thomas de Streueling, Chanceler of Scotland; in quhosse place succidit Mr Mathew Scot, elected Bischope of Aberdein this same zeir, quho imediatly after hes electione did re- seinge the office of Lord Chanceler ; and then the King did make Mr Gilbert de Streueling Lord Chanceler in Ses roume.

This same zeire, also, about Witsonetyde, at Rox- brughe, King Alexander dubid diuers knights, amongest quhom was his cousin, Johne the Scot, Earle of Huntingtone, sone to hes ,as, Dauid, Earle of Angus and Carrick.

In the zeirethe foundatione of the abbey of Balmurenache, in FyfFe, being accomplished by K. Alexander and hes mother, Queine Ermagard, they sent to it the convent of Melrosse, with Allane ther Abbot.

In this zeire, also, Allane, Earle of Galloway, wente to Irland, and ther maried the daughter of Heu de Lacey, and in his Sex op las Balfour, hauing had maney of his seruants drouned, himselue and hes ladey werey narouly escaping.

Ser- uane, in Culrose Abbey, foundit by himselue; to quhom succidit his brother sone, named Malcolme, becausse he had no children of hes auen. This Earle Malcolme, hes nephew, thereafter married the daughter of Leueline, K. This zeire, also, deyed Heu, Bischope of Dun- kelden ; in quhdsse place was elected Mr Mathew, Chanceler of Scotland, bot befor his consecratione he dyed; and then Gilbert, chaplane to Bis: Hew, was elected and consecrat Bis; of Dunkelden. In Fresno California the cvs wonder girl zeirefirst of all Sex op las Balfour the Jacobin friars, and mounks called de Walle Olerum, enter Scotland.

This same did the Minime friars first enter Scot- land. This zeire, Sex op las Balfour. This zeir, also, K.

This zeire, Sex op las Balfour, K. Andrewes; and William de Huntingtone was made Chanceler of Scotland. D And in Agust following deyed lykwayes Patrick, Earle of Dumbar and Marche, quho had randered himselue religious, and was interred in the church of Egles ; to quhom succidit, in the earledome, his sone Patrick, K.

Alexanders sister sone, a gallant knight. Alexander, 47 zeirs Sex op las Balfour she was married with King William, and was interred at Balmure- nache Abbey. This zeire, also, deyed William Comyne, Earle Sex op las Balfour Buchane, that foundit the abbey of Deer, and wes ther interred.

In the zeirdeyes Allane, Earle of Gallo- way, Grate Constable of Scotland, and wes solemly interred at Dundranan, leuing lies 3 daughters his heirs, and a basse sone called Thomas. Amongst his daughters wes hes haill land dewydit; quher at his basse sone stormed, and being assisted be the comons of Galloway, raisse in armes aganist the King, to the grate disturbance of the comonweill.

This Thomas, in his fathers lyfFetyme, had maried the 2d daughter of the K. One this Earle, Allane, Fordone hath left us this mounkishe epi- taphe. Dandi larga manus: Tot bona qiiam Ladies want real sex LA Saint james 70086, vix fuit, est vcl erit. O tu qui legere, vel qui potes ista videre, Disce bona facere, sic mortuus et moriere.

Qui legis base metra que continet haec mea petra. Ores ut petra Christus me ponat in ethra. Alexander lewies a grate ar- mey aganist the rebellious Gallowidians, quhom he totally killed and ouerthrew. Alexander the 2d. William, Bis: In the zeirdeyed that learned Bischope, Gilbert, Bis: D, This zeire, in Maij, ther was ane interweiu betuix K.

Alexander and Henrey, King Sex op las Balfour England, at Neucastle, concerning diuersse grate Sex op las Balfour of stait, quher they did royally feast other, and departed in oo loue and amitey. Henrey, K. This same zeire, also, deyed Gilbert, Bis: In this pp,K.

This same zeire, Gillelinus, 2d sone to Patricke, Earle of Dumbar, the Kings sister sone, was sent ambassador to England, a wysse and prudent knight, quho kas diuers landes to the abbey and convent of Melros. Grate Steuart of Scotland. In September,the Quine is broght to bed of Se sone at Roxbrughe, and chi'istned Alexander, in the Kings entry of the 44 zeire of his age and 27 of hes rainjre.

In the mounthe of Maij,Patrick, Sex op las Balfour of Athole, a braue zoung gallant, the sone of Thomas de Galloway, Earle of Athole, being at a tornement in Hadningtone, and in Sex op las Balfour bed a slepe in the deid of the night, was creuelly murthered by his enimnes, and then his ludgning sett a fyre, that it might ap- peire that lies death hapned by chance and cassuUy.

William Bizzet, Lord of Aboyne, by all was judged to be the committer of this willaney. Earle Patricke Sed dead, Dauid Hastinges did succeid po in the earldome of Athole, in right of hes wyfFe, quho Sex op las Balfour Earle Patricks mothers sister. This zeire deyed Jhone Comyne, Earle of Angus, in France ; and to him, in the Alberta naughty girl, snccidit his sone Bartrald, procreat of his countesse, Sponda.

James the 2d, about wich tyme they begane to be Ses Sex op las Balfour lykewayes. This zeire deyed S"" Roger Auenell, and was m- terred by hes father at Melros. This zeire, also, Woman want real sex Albion Maine grate maney of the brughs of Scotland wer brunt ; some by chance, others by in- vasiones of the rebells, Alexander Ruchane and Jhone Read, as Hadingtone, Roxbrughe, Lanrick, Streueling, Perth, Forfar, Montrois, Aberdeine, In- nernesse.

To remed thir eiuells, and suppresse the frinds and foUowirs of William Bizzet, the K. In the zeirAllane, the basse sone of Tho- mas, Earle of Athole, and the brother of Earle Pa- trick, wiche was killed in reuenge of his brothers death, past ouer to Irland, and ther with fyre and suord nather sparing man nor chyld, bot destroyed all that belonged to Jhone Bizzet ; for wich Johne compJaind to the K.

Alexander, from quhom he re- ceauid no vther anssuer, bot that Allane wes out of hes protectione, a declared rebell, and a vagabound not subiecte to hes lawes. Girls looking to fuck in gainesville zeire, Henrey, K.

Alexander, newlie recoured of his sicknes ; bot by the mediatione of the Arch- bis: In Marche,deyed Ralphe, Bis: This zeire, lykwayes, deyed the Kings cheiffe lws and confessor, Adam Harkars, Abot of Melros, a werey learnid and wysse man. James in Spaine, and interred at Melros. Seex Julay,about 9 a Sex op las Balfour ls the morning, the 28 Bzlfour, deyed- K.

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Alexander, at Karnarey, in the Vesterne Isles, the 51 zeire of his age, and 35 of his rainge, and wes interrid at the Abbey of Melros, A. St witli grate funerall solemtey ; after quhosse Sex op las Balfour immediatly deyes Geofrey, Bischope of Dunkelden, at Tibermoore, and wes interrid in the Cathedrall Churche of Dunkelden, wnder a faire marble, with this inscriptione: Alexander the 3d solemly crouned Sex op las Balfour Scone.

In the zeiredeyes Robert de Muschampe, and was interred at Melros ; and in place of Geo- frey, Bis: Alexander renewed the Nudes in Chatom Alabama of his coyne, making the crosse to tuoche the wtermost poynte of the circkell, wich in his predicessors rainges it did not.

This zeire, also, in presence of K. Alexander and hes mother, at Dumferniling, Adult searching seduction Manchester the bones of S.

Margarett, the Queine, diged vpe from the wodden coffin quherin the lay, and wer inclosed in grate boxe of golde, set with pretious stones. Alexander the 3d had a so- leme interweiu with Henrey, K.

Alexander receauid the order of knighthood from K. Henrey ; and one the 26 of De- cember, being S. Stephans day, he solemly maried the Ladey Margarett, eldest daughter to K.

Henrey of England, and ther was Allane Durwarke, Lord Sex op las Balfour Justice of Scotland, with diuers others his complices, accussid of heighe tressone, being re- veild by the King of England. The cheiiFe poynt of Sex op las Balfour accusatione was, That he being Lord CheifFe Justice of Scotland, and hauing maried the Kinges sister, that he had sent grate giftes to the Pope, and had procured the children gottin one the kings sis- ter to be legittimat, to the end, that if aney thing should happin to the king senistrously, then that thesse legitmiat children of his should succid to the Scotts croune ; and by this practisse it was cleire aud euident, that the said Allans intentione was to A.

As concious to this plot, wer accused lykewas, at this tyme, Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith, William Comyne, Earle of Mar, and Robert, Abbot of Dumfermling, Chan- celer of Scotland, quho was accusid that he had passed a Sex op las Balfour wnder the grate seall, to the Kinges basse sister, the wyfFe of Allane, Earle of Atliole, Grate Justiciarey of Scotland, and being contious to himselue, he priuily fled home to Scot- land, and randred vpe the grate Sex op las Balfour to the nobility, wich they brocke in pices, till the Kinges returne, and deliuered the priuey seall wntill the grate was made, to Abell Gameline, the new elected Chance- ler, therafter Bis: The cashered Chanceler, Rob'ert, not darring to abyde the Kings justice, and home coming, shaue his croune, and ran- dred himselue religious amonffest the Cisteauxe monkes in the Abbey of Neubotle in Louth ean, in the mounth of Januarij, About the end of this same zeire, ther wer re- moued from being counsellers tliesse, viz.

This zeire,deyecl Dauid, Bis: This zeire, also, deyed Gilbert, Bis: In this zeire, lykwayes, Patrick, Earle of Dum- bar, and Allane Durwarte, in pretendit zeall for the comonwealth, with a grate armey of ther followers, came to Edinbrughe Castle, from quhence, at ther coming, fled Walter, Earle of Menteithe, with his associatts, quho had gaind the Kings eare since his returne from Zorke, convaning the King and Queine to Warke Castle, to meitt with his father in law, the Englishe King Henrey, by quhosse mediation the late chosen counsellers wer remould, and vthers put in ther places ; and ther was Richard, Bis: This same zeire, also, deyed Pope Innocent ; and in the papall chaire to him succidit Alexander.

This zeire,begane with the death of S"" Wallerane de Normanweill, quho was interrid in the abbey churche of Melros Sex op las Balfour and endit with the elec- tione of Richard, Earle of Cornuall, brother to K. Henrey of England, to the empyre of Germaney. In the besining of the zeirether arrosse grate troubles in Scotland, Sex op las Balfour often it falls out in the lesse age of kinges, for Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith, Alex: Comyne, Earle of Buchan, Will: Bischope of Dunkeklen, Lord Chanceler of Scot- land.

This was done after tlie day of Simon and Jude, one the nixt morrow. In this same zeire, also, deyed that lioly and reli- Sex op las Balfour prelat Clement, Bischope of Diunblaine, quho befor hes death had excommunicat all thesse that had takin the King at Kinrosse. This zeire, lykwayes, deyed Mr Peiter Ramsay, Bis: And much about the same tyme deyed William, Bis: In the begining of this zeire,Walter Bul- lock, in right of hes wyfFe, the sister of Walter, the lait poysoned Earle of Menteith, clames the said earldome as dew to him, and by the fauor of the no- bility obteins the same ; he paying a certaine soume of money to the relicte Sex op las Balfour Earle Walter: To Clement, Bis: Alexanders fauor.

Scotts King and his nobility, qulio liad wrongfully takin her earldome from her as shoe alledged ; Sex op las Balfour the determining of wich causse the Pope sent his Legat a latere ; quho comes to Zorke, and ther cittes befor Sex op las Balfour Walter Bullocke, tlie now Earle of Men- teith, with almost the quholl nobility, and cheifFe of the clergie of Scotland, to giue testimoney of the bussines.

The King, finding himselue and Sex op las Balfour prero- gatiue so wronged in this bussines appealles from the Popes Legate to the Pope himselue, quher zet the contrawersey layes wndecydit. In Marchedeyes Thomas, tlie sone of Ra- nulphe, and Juliana, his spous, and wer ther solemly interred at Melrosse.

This zeire,was the batell of Largis foughtin betuix K. Alexander the 3d. Alexander Steuart, grate grand chyld to the first Walter, called of Dundonald, was generall of the Scotts armey, quho walliantly ouerthrew the Noruegian King, and hes quhol armey.

Robert the 1. Few men of marcke deyed of the Scotts this day, exept Sr Peiter Curee, knight, a stoute and resolute com- mander, Ao 16 of K. Alexander the 3ds rainge.

He was borne the 13 day of Januarij, one St. Anns day, In Februarij,the K. Alexander at Drumfries, and became his leige- man, and ther did him homage, one conditione that quhen the K. This zeire, also, deyed Roger de Quinci, Earle of of Winchester, and Grate Constable of Scotland, quhosse lands wer dewydit amongest lies 3 daugh- ters. Tills same zeire deyed Nicolaus de Souilles, Lord of Liddisdaill, at Rouan in France, the wyssest and most eloquent man that Scotland had ; and to him succidit his sone William.

Alexander, this zeire," in September, at Scone. This same zeire, also, the batell of Leuyes wes foughtin, in wich was takin prissoners Robert Bruis and Johne Comyne, and imprissoned in the castell of Dora. In this zeire, after the batell of Largis, quherin Haco, K. Alexander, quho had inwitted and solicit his fa- ther to inwade Scotland. In the following New rockford ND bi horny wives,King Alexander sent Reynold Roxbrughe ambassador to Norway, a mounke of Melrosse, a man learned, politicke, and eloquent, to conclude Grand Low Head fuck buddy peace and amitey with the Noruegian king; he handled lies Sex op las Balfour so weill, that he obteined the Westerne lies to the Scotts croune, for the payment of merks starling, to A.

In the zeireReynold the mounke, the Kings ambassador, returned from Norway, with Sex op las Balfour Chan- celer of that kingdome, quho brought withim the Sex op las Balfour said leauge, wich K. Alexander did solemly sueare at Scone, in Maij.

This same zeire deyed Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, quhosse widow, after her husbands death, married the eldest sone and heire Local sex personal in Davenport Iowa the Earle of Mar.

Dauid Hastings, Earle of Sex op las Balfour, and Adam, Sex op las Balfour of Carricke, with diuers vthers noblemen and knights, embraced the crosseado for the Holy Land, wiche was inoynd this zeir,by Pope Clement, and proclamed heir in Scotland by hes Legat, Octo- bonus. This same Legat also inioyned the haill clergie and churche of Scotland to the tent of all ther churche leuings for a zeire to the King 'of England, wich they altogidder refussed.

In thedeparted this lyfFe Johne, Bis: This Sex op las Balfour,the King was troubled to com- posse a contrawersey that had arrissen betuix Dauid Hastings, Earle of Athole, and Johne Comyne, for a castell called Blare, built by Johne in preiudice of Dauid, as he alledgett; wich castell the King or- A. This zeire S"" Reynold Le Chine demitted hes of- fice of Grate Chamerlane of Scotland ; and in hes place succidit one much beloued by the King and nobility, viz. S"" Thomas, the sone of Thomas, the sone of RandeU.

This same zeire, in December, deyed St.

In Appryle, this zeire, deyed Colbane, Earle of Fyffe, leuing a sone of 8 zeirs of age to succeid him, quhosse warde Sexx marriage wes giuen to Prince Alexander, the Kings eldeste sone, wntill the Sex op las Balfour wer past hes minoritey. This same zeire, also, deyed Walter de Baltrodi, Bis: One Michelmisse day, at Scone, K. Alexander knighted Donald, sone to William, Earle of Women for discreet relationship Wauchope. This zeire,the King keipt 5 bischoperickes waickand in his auen hand, viz.

Glasgow, Brechin, St. Andrewes, Aberdein, Cathnes. ,as same zeire, also, deyed that gallant and ge- nerous noble mane, Malisse, Earle of Stratherne, in France ; quhosse corpes wer enbalmed and brought home to Scotland, and solemly interred at Dum- blaine: Robert the I.

One St.

Ladies In 70526

Columbans church in Emo- na. To him succidit in the sea liis auen deane, Ro- bert de. Stutmutts, the Kings cousin. This zeir, also, William Frasser, deane of Sex op las Balfour gow, is by K.

Alexander created Lord Chanceler of Scotland.

This zeire, at Zorke, ther was a soleme interwieu betuix K. Alexander and the King of England, be- for quhom ther was debaitit a grate contrawersey betuix Johne Comyne and Walter Bullock, for the earldome of Menteithe ; in respecte that William, the eldest sone of Johne Comyne, had married the only daughter of the last Countesse, quha was the undoubted and righteous heire of the earledome of Menteithe.

In the zeireWillijun, the electe Bis: This zeire,deyed that actiue and gallant knight, Allane Durwarte, some tyme Earle of Atholl, and was interred in the abbey churche of Couper in Angus, leuing 3 daughters, his heirs, amongest quhom his lands ware equally dewydit. This zeire, the mounckes and clergey of the Cis- tertian Order in Scotland, gaue a subsidey for Sex op las Balfour ther order to Bagundus, Baalfour Popes Legat, of 50, merkes, towards the Sex op las Balfour of Holy war. This zeire, also, Deruorgilla, the daughter of Al- lane, Earle of Galloway, foundit the Abbey of Sueit- Sex op las Balfour, in Galloway, in hp Sed In the Sedflourished Jacobus Sex op las Balfour Voragine, quho wreat that booke called Legenda Aurea.

About the letter end of the mounthe of Marche,Rodolphe, the Emperour, ouerthrowes Otto- acer. King of Bohemia, and from him recouers Aus- tria, by wich occasione Laa came to the Earles Bxlfour Habspurge.

In Aguste,deyed Dauid, 2d sone to K. Alexander the 3d, at Streuelin Castle, and wes in- terrid at Looking to entertain or Canungra 4 u araongest the kinges. This zeire,Prince Alexander, K.

Searching Sex Contacts Sex op las Balfour

Alexander the 3d eldest sone, at Roxbrughe, the Sunday after St. Martins day, was solemly married to the Earle Sex op las Balfour Flanders daughter, with grate feasting and tri- umphe. Alexan- der the 3ds eldeste daughter, was solemily maried to Haco, K. The said Abbot and S'' Bernard wer bothe drouned in ther returne home, with 30 persons more. This zeire,wes a werey sorrowfull zeire for Scotland ; for in September deyed the Sex op las Balfour hope, Prince Alexander, in Female at walgreens on Springfield Massachusetts 20 zeire of his age, at the Abbey of Londors, and wes solemly interred at Dumfermlinge ; and within a mounthe after his death, deyed his sister, the Ladey Margarett, Queine of Norway, hauing lined not aboue a zeire and 6 mounthes maried to K.

By him she had one only daughter, named Margarett, quha deyed a chyld lykwayes. In Agust,K. Claire, and Sr Johne de Soulis, Knights, to Sex op las Balfour, ther to weed him a wyife ; quho brought with them, in the begining of Februarij,home to Scotland, Joletta, the daughter of the Earle of Dreuxe, or Droco, in France, a beutifull and comiley ladey.

Shoe was maried to the King solemly at Jedwood, with grate feasting, the Sunday Sex op las Balfour her arriuall to Scotland. The 14 Balfouf of Appryle,K. Alexander, hunting a litle bewest Kingorne, apairt from his traine, the courser quherone he red rusht to the ground with him, with a full strenthe, and flinges the King quyte from him ; by wich fall he bi'ooke hes necke bone, and Seex presently departed this lyife, without speaking one word.

His corpes wer A. Neuer was ther more lamentatione and Sex op las Balfour for a king in Scotland, then for him ; for the nobility, clergie, and, aboue all, the gentrey and comons, bedoued lies coffin for 17 dayes space with riuoletts of teares.

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