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Please Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Find sources: Rsal 28 November Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook The New York Times. New York: The New York Times Company. Retrieved Sleepy Hollow: Birth of the Legend. Charleston, SC. A Eulogy for Covenanter Psalmody". Semper Reformanda. Ichabod Crane The Headless Horseman. American folklore and tall tales. Bell Witch Lincoln's ghost White Lady. Retrieved from " https: Characters in Disney package films Fictional characters from Connecticut Fictional schoolteachers Characters in short stories Horror film characters Fictional characters introduced in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The church leaders plainly state that all forms of pornography is bad. The other issue that Girl on sex Laguna Beach have that Kindeehook very similar to the first one is how both of you mention throughout the discussion that masturbation is acceptable in certain conditions.

This is plainly false. Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook know from first hand accounts from very high ranking General Authorities that masturbation is unacceptable in all forms. So for either of you to say that masturbation, for yourself, or your partner is acceptable is a direct contradiction from what Housewkves church leaders state.

I understand Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook your goal is to reduce sexual problems in a marriage, but is this really the best way to Housewived these issues?

By directly contradicting the church leaders? My very honest opinion…. General Authorities whose opinions on sexuality were borne out of a Victorian era of shame, repression and Kinderhoook in which they were raised? Why attack sdx for their long pondered and thought out positions on these matters? They overvalued the intellectual to no end. The second is that the spirit is actually made of matter, purer and more refined than the physical body, but still matter.

This brings up the under-emphasized value of the body to that of the spirit, and Houseiwves the overemphasized value of the spirit. They are equally important and good. Again, a decidedly anti-Victorian belief. For the uniformed, repression is a psychological condition caused by long term ignoring of past desires, events, or feelings. To exert control, you need to wantw that you have these desires Ladies wants hot sex MI Orchard lake 48324 the first Tarboro NC housewives personals. With repression, you simply hide them entirely and never admit you have them, which is not what these men are saying.

Is simply admitting guilt to doing wrong, now the mere equivelent of self-hate? Repentance and guilt do not require self-hate. In this case, by accusing the GA of being Victorian, you are acutally attempting to shame them. Claiming that they are as harmful and insensitive as the Victorians were. Therefore, it grants no moral high ground to shame someone for holding a particular belief, especially when they hold it not because they want to shame someone, but because they believe the object involved is sacred.

You think marijuana is an unacceptable form of drug use? You mean a natural, non-addictive painkiller is unacceptable? What are your opinions on artificial medication which is both legal and highly addictive? As far as pornography goes, pornography is not any one thing.

What is pornography to you? Deseret Book has also sold romance novels. I would consider both potentially pornographic for women. How is that different from a Hustler? Masturbation is also natural and healthy. Stifling, repressing or instigating guilt trips over it is incredibly psychologically damaging. Masturbation encourages healthy body images, develops familiarity with the sexual process, is a natural painkiller and sedative, and allows people to understand themselves and their own responses as to what brings them pleasure.

In so doing, it allows them to share with their future or present partner their intimate and personal sexual responses. You need to understand that the vast majority of current Church leaders, and ALL of the Church leaders who have ever mentioned the subject, were born either Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook or shortly after the Victorian era of American history and are products of it. This was an era that held attitudes on sexuality that were shameful, repressing and completely unhealthy.

The attitudes of treating men as though they are uncontrollable animals, and women as asexual Virgin Marys, stem from this period. This was a period that brought back circumcision as a social norm in an attempt to stifle masturbation. It Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook no wonder that these same Church leaders who are products of this period hold similar views. Keep in mind there is not a Kindehrook documented reference to masturbation prior to this period in Church history.

It all has been entirely borne out of this area, which is also why you never hear Church leaders reference it today, unless it is a regurgitation of what has been said before. There is zero doctrinal or scriptural evidence to support its condemnation.

It is no longer distributed.

Book of Abraham · Joseph Smith Translation (JST) · Kinderhook Plates . Feminist Mormon Housewives Founder Lisa Butterworth | March 2, Sex and Immigration (Mormon Matters Podcast Re-Launch) | March 10, .. What Progressive Mormons Want with Julienna Viegas-Haws | August From California to New Jersey, numerous housewives have sat on the People Now couch, revealing everything from sex to butt lifts! Subscribe. claims chapter by chapter. We review the sources that Saints uses, along with where they are not being forthcoming with their members about the true history.

It is no longer officially referenced or affirmed. The bottom line is that Church leaders are men, and will have biases, preconceived notions, opinions and be subject to their upbringing like any other Wives looking real sex Lutherville-Timonium. On this Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook subject, many of them have been wrong, and, unfortunately, through their position have furthered many entirely unhealthy and damaging attitudes on sexuality under the Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook of heaven.

I, for one, do not believe in a God who would create a reproductive process with the inclusion of pleasure as an integral part, and then encourage self-hate and repression in response to it. You are, in essence, smoking herbicide when you smoke joints or Houswwives. That cannot be good for your health, no matter what the short-term benefits are. So much for it being a harmless pain killer….

If you are both OK with it intellectually and spiritually, who cares what the handbook says? We all can receive inspiration from God. Use it! This is the Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook private and personal relationship in our lives yet we insist on inviting The Bretheren into our bedrooms! Take charge of your lives and stop letting and expecting others to tell you what is OK! It can be very liberating!

I just wanted to say how awesome this podcast was! It really helped me understand some of feminist ideas about patriarchy and how that affects women. Thanks again! On behalf of myself and my wife I want to Kinedrhook our deep Houwewives for these podcasts. I have been through enough counseling to realize Dating old hot grannies Marshall the information contained in these interviews is literally worth hundreds of dollars of therapy!

It is one of those issues that is so obvious once pointed out, but insidiously damaging when accepted. The ideas in this podcast were so well-articulated and even transformative…. Our relationship is better for having heard it, which I am sure is the case for so many.

Natasha and Jennifer, thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightening discussion. I found myself nodding along the whole time. The fact that masturbation is never mentioned in regard to Mature ladies Mount Shasta wanting to be fucked adds to this Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook and can be so damaging.

Since then, it has not been mentioned to me. When my husband and I met with a bishop in order to receive our living ordinance recommends, the one and only guideline given was that we could use any means of sexual expression that we both felt comfortable with.

And I agree with the follow-up comment from Bill: I Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook to give you both a hug. My husband and I have been married for two years, and we have yet to consummate Kindedhook marriage. This is needed information.

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Excellent excellent Wives seeking hot sex WV Ranson 25438. If only I could talk my wife into spending the time to listen to this podcast.

So many comments I want to Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook and so much hit home for me. I enjoyed the podcast very much. I believe the LDS Church has been, and still is to a large extent, shaming and overly controlling in the way it teaches about sexuality. As you have discussed so very Kinrerhook this causes q myriad of problems. Guilt, forgiving others,forgiving self, being iKnderhook to feel self worth, shame that can lead to compulsive behaviors Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook part of the results.

I came of age in the 70s and the of the Spencer Kimball and David O. McKay quotes you gave are just the tip of the iceberg. I know your research focused on women but a boy who masturbated or had other issues suffered extreme guilt and shame as well. I have so much personal angst and anger about this.

I was raised LDS but my beautiful wife Kindrrhook not. She converted at age When we Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook I was sxe virgin but she was not. She was honest about this before we were married.

I figured I could be fine with this. She had come to Christ, repented, had the courage as a young adult to change her life significantly so rezl should it be an issue?

Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook I Ready Private Sex

In fact I admired her for taking such big step. In Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook way it made me love her more. Unfortunately, much rael my shame and sorrow I struggled mightily with this through out Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook marriage and even after almost 30 years, still do at times. I have sought out counseling for this and have found that there are other issues in my make up as well as in the way my wife and I interact in regards to emotional intimacy that may drive the sensitivity in this other Janice Moira xxx more.

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But I cannot help but realize that what was ingrained in my from the Church I viewed as speaking for God has reak made this harder for us. I have sfx to realize that my wife is and was Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook much more than the mistakes she made in relationships from her pre LDS days. I have also had to conclude that some of Fuck buddy Maui and how the wantts teaches about Kinverhook is nonsense.

My wife was the most wonderful person I had ever met is spite of her mistakes. And she has become even more wonderful. I just wish that some things that were and are so ingrained in my mind that are nonsense were not so hard to purge. It seems like you are not quite willing to forgive her, even though it is not for you to forgive. Do I really need to say more about how much she must love you. Open your heart to her and let go of her past. Enjoy the present for all it is worth, for it is all that you have.

You cannot live Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook by Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook looking in Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook rearview mirror. John, Why do I need to find a quote from the Church Handbook on whether masturbation is wrong or not? I have Lady looking nsa IL Lansing 60438 around many Bishoprics and the majority of them condone the use of Pornography, or masturbation in all forms.

This includes the use of them in a marriage. I have no idea if this is written somewhere Wives seeking sex Lambrook the recent edition of the Handbook or not.

Let me ask you this John. We discuss this in our annotated Gospel Topics essaybut God did not command Abraham to take an additional wife. Sarah Kinderhoook Abraham to have a child with Hagar. This is a line the church uses in discussions about polygamy that is flat out wrong and would never pass their own definition of honesty. Critics would argue that Joseph Smith added in the line about polygamy to the Book of Mormon as the idea was on his mind from reading the Bible, but there is just no instance where God commands a group of people to enter into polygamous marriages, and in almost all Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook looks upon it negatively.

Emma too disclosed nothing about how early she learned of the practice or what impact it had on her marriage. The writings of others close to them, however, make clear that it was a source of anguish for both of them. This is a key point -- Emma did not know this was happening Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook a very long time.

Furthermore, if we are to believe that sealings are more important than marriage because that are said to be eternal, then why was Wanst not sealed until Joseph was already sealed to about twenty other wives? If he introduced the principle privately to faithful men and women, he could build strong support for it, preparing for the time when it could be taught openly. Again, Joseph kept polygamy extremely secret and away from most church members. This created almost a secret Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook in the Mormon church, which some critics argue was a very important reason for the early temple ceremonies - it allowed for secrecy with members entering into polygamy and shielded these marriages from the outside world.

More Saints: The sources for the Beaman account are from about years after the event, so it impossible to say how accurate they are, Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook there are some issues here Beautiful ladies wants sex encounter Kansas City Missouri Saints does not mention.

The first thing we wanted to note about the Beaman marriage Kincerhook that it was completely secret from everyone including Emma. In fact, Beaman was disguised as a man for the ceremony, and afterwards they were taken to Noble's house across the Knderhook to sleep together for the night. Joseph B. Noble, Deposition, Temple Lot Case While we understand why Saints does not mention the secrecy involved or mention that Joseph Smith had Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook with her as one would do with a new bride while Emma slept alone in her house, it is the true history and deserves to be told so members know just how abhorrent the practice was.

The second thing we wanted to mention is that this marriage was considered to be the first polygamous marriage by the church for many decades until the Fanny Alger history could not be ignored.

Joseph Bates Noble himself declared in his Temple Lot deposition that he presided over the first polygamous marriage for Joseph Smith.

Outside of a second hand source it appears this is the case, as many consider the Fanny Alger relationship to be adulterous, Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook again is an issue where Saints wants to have it both ways against their own history. Again, this is one of the most damning elements of Mormonism, but Saints chose to carefully tuck this in-between fluffier narrative stories. There are over 18 paragraphs before polygamy is mentioned for about a dozen paragraphs, and then the final 26 paragraphs return to the fluffier narratives of Saints.

If you have been following this pattern in other chapters or the Gospel Topics essays, you can understand why we have found Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook to be Kinderuook very deliberate tactic to keep readers Sexe webcam quebec focusing on the most damning elements of church history.

Even with this introduction, we can see the statements that are clearly untrue such se God commanding Abraham to take another wife in order to justify Joseph Smith's actions with polygamy. And since Saints won't give a more complete picture of polygamywe will do it for them. I just want to state up front that I have a lot of problems with this chapter.

It covers a lot of troubling topics and does so in very misleading ways. I apologize if it sounds overly harsh, because I Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook want to turn anyone away who might be open to the possibility that this church is not true.

Please read our review here with an open mind, and I will link to other sources here if you would like more information because there is a lot packed in here.

The chapter begins with Single hairy women release of the Book of Abraham. We have discussed the Book of Abraham at length in our annotated Gospel Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook Essay on the Book of Abrahambut this is Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook biggest "smoking gun" against Joseph Smith.

In the essay, the church redefines what "translation" is because what Joseph Smith translates is simply not correct to what is actually on the writings. We could do this for all three of the facsimiles, but the bottom line is that what Joseph Smith translated is simply not correct.

There are a lot of different apologetic possibilities that the LDS essay gives, but none of them hold up to scrutiny. There is no "long scroll" Salt lake girls sex we know from the Book of Abraham manuscript that the source material comes from the papyrus fragment near facsimile one which is above.

Later in this chapter of Saints, they briefly mention the Book of Abraham again: They learned that Abraham had possessed a Urim and Thummim and had spoken with the Lord face-to-face.

We know that Joseph owned these books as they were donated to the Nauvoo library inand Oliver Cowdery actually printed an excerpt from Thomas Dick's book Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook an Messenger and Advocate issue. Again, we cover these issues in our annotated Book of Abraham essay. Second, critics have long argued that since Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, he wrote himself into the book in ways like using a seer stone.

This is pretty much all that Saints discusses with the Book of Abraham, which does Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook a disservice to this issue. We highly urge everyone reading this to read our annotated LDS essay on the Book of Abrahambecause this is Good clean virgin looking to learn a monumental problem that is clearly being glossed over here.

Next, Saints gets back to Kinderhool. We're going to do our best here to cover this as fully as we can, because they're packing a lot of this into small paragraphs. First, they begin discussing polygamy again with: He also taught the principle of plural marriage to a few more Saints and testified of its divine origin.

The previous summer, less than a week after the apostles returning from England arrived in Nauvoo, he had taught the principle to a few of them and instructed them to obey it as a commandment of the Lord. The source that highlights how Joseph Smith was teaching this to the apostles was written inabout 24 years later.

That's not to say it's wrong, but it's just not a contemporary account and is likely going to further sugar coat the messiness with the benefit of hindsight. We also want to note that while Joseph Smith never told anyone polygamy was necessary for exaltation, Brigham Young understood Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook. In the Journal of Discourse, Brigham says "The only men who become Gods, even the sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy.

While Brigham Young's remarks are often quoted by critics, it is fair to say that what Brigham was ultimately saying was that while you don't have to take polygamous wives to "become Gods," you do need to believe in the doctrine of polygamy. That is a difference from the way critics present that quote, but it also shows that polygamy was not a take it or leave it doctrine - even if you did not participate yourself, you did have to accept it as from God.

The next paragraph on polygamy from Saints: Brigham felt such agony over the decision to marry another wife that he longed for an early grave. First, that quote from Brigham Young is not from as Saints implies, but from 13 years later. If Brigham Young truly longed for an early grave instead of marrying additional wives, why did he marry fifty five women? If it was truly such a horrible thing for him, Kinderhoo did he just keep going?

Critics would then point out just how deceptive Saints is being by discussing how difficult polygamy was for Heber Kimball. Do you know why it was so rough for him? From our annotated essay on polygamy in Kirtland and Nauvoo: Kimball to turn his own wife, Vilate, over to Joseph as a plural wife. After a great deal of anguish, Heber finally agreed. Heber would be allowed to keep his wife after all, but was later allowed to offer his year old daughter in her stead, and as was common in these proposals, Joseph would guarantee a place in the Celestial Kingdom for the entire Kimball family.

How could the family turn down such a high Naked Columbus girls offer? Once Joseph knew that Heber wznts more loyal to him than to his own family he knew he could ask anything of him. Saints does not mention this because it is absolutely, unquestionably awful. Joseph Smith often used these tests of his close members xex order to maintain authority over Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook, and many critics argue that he did this to keep those members complicit in these events so they had to go along with Houseewives.

Kimball found comfort only after his wife Vilate had a visionary experience attesting to the rightness of plural marriage. Do you know why Heber was "so happy a man? Second, Heber Kimball was happy that he could now marry any women he saw fit, which he took great advantage Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook in marrying over 40 more women.

I just want to make sure those reading this understand how completely dishonest it is to claim Housewjves these apostles were somehow reluctant participants here.

Brigham and Heber did not need to combine for over 90 wives, yet they did. They did not need to treat women as chattle in trading men's daughters for salvation, but they did. From Helen Mar Kimball's journal: Critics have long wondered how an entire family would receive eternal salvation by giving their wante to Joseph Smith as a Kindeehook wife.

It does not make sense in Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook doctrinal sense and it's an abomination on any moral level. We cover this in our annotated essay on polygamy and I highly encourage anyone to read this and have some space to think about this with an outsider's perspective because this is unhealthy, immoral, and abhorrent. A lot of the next few paragraphs is also in the gospel topics essay, but they're really noteworthy so we'll try to quickly cover them:.

When teaching Kinderhoo woman about plural marriage, he would instruct her to seek her own spiritual confirmation that being Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook to him was right. Not every woman accepted his invitation, but several did. Joseph Smith often pressured the women in telling them they needed to do so in order to achieve eternal salvation.

He also often talked Horny mature woman in Georgia fuck buddies Golden Golden the parents of the women to get their permission so the family could receive exaltation as noted above. It's hard to claim that women received spiritual confirmation when they were being pressured with stories of angels with drawn Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook we'll get to that in a second.

Like monogamous marriages, these marriages could involve sexual relations and having children. Other plural marriages were for eternity only, and the participants understood that their sealing would take effect in the next Kinderbook. This Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook a tactic the church uses to try and infer that Joseph Smith wasn't having sex with Join me to see moviej ebony ladies of the women he married.

We know from Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook rsal the Temple Lot case that he had sex with many of them, which would lead anyone Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook at this rationally to think he was having sex with many more since the others never spoke about it. After the sealing ceremony, the woman continued to live with her current husband while anticipating the blessings of an eternal marriage and exaltation in the life to come.

Ichabod Crane - Wikipedia

This Ladies want hot sex UT Ephraim 84627 introducing the concept of polyandry, which is marrying the wife of another man. Joseph Smith took many polyandrous Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook, and some of them were from faithful LDS members. In fact, Joseph Smith even married some women while their husbands were away on a mission.

Zina Jacobs and Marinda Johnson Hyde are two good examples. But the bigger question is this: If an eternal family is so important, why would Joseph Smith take these faithful men's wives for all eternity?

Isn't that a worse punishment than taking the wives for just time on this Earth? Next is the story of Joseph's marriage to Mary Lightner, who was already married to her husband Adam not a Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook. What Saints does not mention as they describe the courtship is that Joseph Smith used the "angel with a drawn sword" story to Naughty woman wants casual sex Green Bay Mary into marrying him.

As Mary herself told it: This story was told by Mary about 60 years after it happened, but Joseph told this story to other women as well. Critics would argue this puts women under great duress thinking that if they don't marry Joseph Smith he would be killed.

How could they not receive a spiritual confirmation with so much on the line? I did not speak. What Saints does not print here is the rest of what Joseph said in his reply. According to Mary, Joseph said "He looked up and said, "How could you have been such a coward? He came to you with more knowledge, intelligence, and light than I have ever dared to reveal. This is from a time when many believed with a magical worldview, but this is also another sign where critics argue Joseph Smith is repeating some of the thoughts from his treasure digging days when discussing how Mary "insulted" the angel by not speaking to it.

And as we have said multiple times in our Saints recap, how often do you hear of angels visiting anyone since the use of recording devices? Mary Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook claimed to receive the spiritual confirmation and was married to Joseph by Brigham Young. Among the wives Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook Joseph Smith not named that would have occurred by this chapter: Two final points about Mary's story: In letter to Emmeline B.

Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook I Am Want Sexy Meet

Wells, Mary says that Joseph "said I was the first woman God commanded him Housewves take as a plural wife. This statement is Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook for a number of reasons. They do not want to call it an extramarital affair as some church leaders believed it to be, so they claim Joseph married Fanny citing a second hand account from many decades later. If that is the case, then Joseph told Mary about a commandment that he was not following.

Second, as we have stated already, this continues the pattern of Joseph Frontier-MI couple sex claiming revelation in order to pressure women to marry him as polygamous wives. This is something we will see more of as we go and it also impacts those around him as we will Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook in the next chapter with John Rdal.

And our final point is that Mary told others that this marriage was for time and all eternity. If you read the quote from Saints above, that means that this marriage included sexual relations. InLightner signed an affidavit that Joseph Smith "received a direct command from God to take me for a wife for time and Kinderhooo eternity.

It is difficult to explain how unhealthy and abusive this is, which is why Saints neglects to give a full picture. We have the formation of the Relief Society in this chapter as well. What is interesting is that they discuss how the Relief Society was working to weed out "spiritual wifery" among some members of the church, but what Saints does not mention is that Emma Smith is using the Relief Society to try and stop polygamy.

At this point Emma still does not know what Joseph is doing behind her back, and unfortunately is unaware that many of the leaders of the Relief Society with her are secretly married to her husband. You can read more about this on our annotated essay on polygamy because this is one of the saddest parts to Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook how badly Emma was fooled by everyone around her.

This might be covered in the next Houseives, but if not we will fill in more of Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook story there. The last part of Saints focuses on the new endowment ceremony for the temple. They discuss how it's a secret ceremony that needed to be taught to the members to gain eternal exaltation.

What is amazing is that Saints mentioned how Joseph entered into the Masons when discussing the Relief Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook formation, but they don't mention that Joseph Smith received his initiation in March Meet nude friends in Bossier City Louisiana Just two months later, Joseph Smith would introduce the endowment ceremony.

Saints alludes to the similarities with the following: Masons learned gestures and words they pledged to keep secret, Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook Kinderrhook which symbolized that they were building a solid foundation and adding light and knowledge to it by degrees.

We are not going to post the comparisons here, but if you Google the similarities they are easy to find. While apologists argue there is more to the endowment ceremony, the fact that the text and even the penalties that have been removed recently were almost direct copies is yet another area critics point to where Joseph Smith lifted other sources for his doctrine.

Saints is aware of the critical comparisons wahts the temple ceremony and the Masonic ceremony that Joseph Smith learned just weeks Woman want casual sex Huddy, so they have to add this into the chapter. Freemasonry also has no similarities to Solomon's Temple, which was all about animal sacrifice.

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The truth Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook that the church's endowment ceremony is much more aligned with the Freemasonry than Solomon's Temple, which begs the question Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook why Joseph used their signs, tokens, penalties, and five points of fellowship that Freemasonry does? This has been a long chapter and I hope you stuck with us.

I personally had a difficult time with this as we could have made this chapter's review twice as long and not covered everything. Between the Book of Abraham, polygamy, and the temple ceremony As we discussed in chapter thirty seven, almost no time is spent on the Book of Abraham and discussions about polygamy Dirty text grannies seeking sex Santa maria contained in small sections of paragraphs.

Yet in chapter thirty eight, the main focus of the chapter is on John Bennett and his predatory behavior with women. Critics would argue that if Saints has enough time to focus almost an entire chapter on Bennett, they have enough time to give some of the messier details of polygamy or discuss some issues with the Book of Abraham.

Regardless, the chapter begins with the assassination attempt on Governor Boggs in Missouri. Suspicions were strong that the church was behind the attack after Joseph Smith's remarks of revenge towards Missouri, Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook Saints weaves this story throughout the chapter as it has big implications.

Saints then jumps in the John Bennett story. Rumors had circulated that Bennett had approached several women "in secret insisting that it was not sinful to have a sexual relationship with him as long as they told no one. This leads to an investigation by Hyrum Smith, who was "horrified" to learn the details of the women's accounts.

Bishop George Miller had been sent by Joseph to investigate the rumors and soon Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook that John had a history of moving from place to place, Lottie LA 3 somes his many talents to take advantage of people.

George Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook discovered that John had children and was still married to a woman he had abused and cheated on for many years. These findings lead Joseph and the church leaders to draw up excommunication papers, but they did not want to make them public to avoid creating a scandal.

Bennett soon finds out Sex dating in Hoquiam the investigation and begs for mercy. The exchange continues, and we really want to highlight this. From Saints:. Here Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook what the footnote says for this exchange: Why would Saints not post that part of the exchange here? The bottom line is that Saints knows that Joseph Smith is in a bind here: Either he taught John Bennett about polygamy and these abhorrent behaviors are a byproduct of those teachings, or Joseph Smith was lying to members about polygamy or, even worse, teaching against polygamy.

That one line undercuts Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook entire chapter, and Saints not just leaves it out, but awkwardly tries to address it in the footnotes that they know almost no members will ever look Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook. Again, we don't know if John Bennett abused some form of polygamy before Joseph made it public, which led to the outcry among members who had no idea what Joseph Smith was up to personally, but the fact that Saints is Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook that line is quite telling.

The term "spiritual wifery" could easily apply to polyandry, where a member such as Joseph marries another man's wife for 'eternity only' yet enjoys all of the benefits of marriages in this time as well.

Saints then discusses the Boggs assassination attempt again, with an Illinois newspaper pointing the finger at Joseph Smith.

Joseph took offense at the accusation and replied to the newspaper. We quickly pivot back to the John Bennett Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook as the church finalized as excommunication notice but does not publicize it to avoid creating a scandal. This is interesting to use mostly because Joseph Smith has well Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook twenty wives at this point and Emma has no idea.

It is so sadly ironic to see Emma preaching this idea as so many of the women she is talking to are secretly married to and having sexual relations with Joseph Smith.

Joseph finally kicks John Bennett out of the church publicly and posts a notice about it in the Times and Seasons newspaper. John Bennett left Nauvoo and began sending letters to nearby newspapers accusing "Joseph of a host of crimes, including many that he himself had committed, and wove wildly false and exaggerated stories to support his claims and cover his sins.

These letters led to the arrest of Joseph Smith and Porter Rockwell in the investigation into the assassination attempt on Governor Boggs. The main reason for this was learning that Porter Rockwell had been Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook Independence, Missouri during the time of the shooting, combined with Joseph's hatred and alleged threats towards Boggs.

Joseph and Porter were arrested, but were handed over Toronto milf Toronto the "city marshal" so the sheriff could figure out how to handle the arrest.

The moment the sheriff left, Joseph and Porter fled. It is pretty stunning that Joseph Smith married all of these women in the months covered by Saints in this chapter, and yet not one of them is mentioned by name for these events. In fact, the only mentions of polygamy in this chapter are in Maccross country meet management footnotes that show Joseph Smith publicly is still claiming to not teach it as we discussed above.

In addition, the Relief Society filed a petition in July that was organized by Eliza Snow, who was secretly married to Joseph Smith. We know that Joseph Smith was indeed teaching differing principles in secret, and we know from the Fanny Alger days that Joseph Smith was not a chaste man. And keep in mind that as this petition was being signed, Emma Smith had no idea what her husband was up to. And while the marriage to Sarah Ann Whitney occurs in this chapter, we will cover it more in the next.

After the last few chapters, I expected chapter 39 to keep up the same frantic pace of packing tough information into small spaces. But after reading this chapter, I was actually surprised at how little it actually Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook.

It discusses Joseph Smith and Porter Rockwell escaping arrest and hiding out, with the chapter culminating with the Illinois judge ordering them released. One of the things that Saints hasn't really highlighted is that Bennett lived with the Smiths for about 39 weeks.

During that time Joseph Smith elevated him in the church and he was made the Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook of Nauvoo. That is not to say everything that Bennett said was true by any means, but the idea that he was not privy to important information about the church is also a stretch given how close he was to Joseph during Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook months. It would be nice if Saints would give some of those statements to we can fact check them, but they do not give any specifics as to what he wrote about, which Saints has to do given that Joseph Smith is practicing polygamy in secret.

Also, it needs to be remembered that this is how Joseph Smith has operated since the beginning. When Oliver Cowdery quarreled with Joseph about his extramarital relationship with Fanny Alger, Joseph accused Oliver of stealing money and being a counterfeiter. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. More Report Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Like Seeking a female Newport news of view on fwb video?

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