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The marriage of Lucy Aharish and Tsahi Halevi is a joyous occasion, and the couple deserve blessings.

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Aharish is a prominent media personality. She is pleasant, intelligent, and her cultural style is the opposite of the vulgar style often heard in public discourse.

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Aharish is a Muslim-Israeli who married an Israeli Jew. Unfortunately, the state does not regulate such marriages.

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It is not Aharish's fault that Israel does regulate the right to 19342 sex encounter Arab girls new Perry Oklahoma a series of cases, including interfaith marriages.

But at least, in this matter, liberal ideas can be expressed which recognize a private wedding ceremony, such as the wedding of Aharish and Halevi, even though the state's recognition of this marriage is limited and partial at best.

Meir Edery. In addition to the fact that Israel violates the human rights of interfaith spouses by refraining from regulating such marriage, a number of questions arise that deserve our attention.

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The traditional Jewish approach opposed intermarriage and responded by rejecting these couples. The Jewish religion has an exclusive nature, which cannot tolerate members of another religion.

From here we wish to conclude that the Jewish nation also denies the possibility of including members of other religions in its midst. Those who wish to join the Jewish people can do so only through proper religious channel i.

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This approach may have been justified in the past. Today I believe that it has no place, certainly not in the State of Israel. giels

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Lucy Aharish Photo: Idan Arbel. In my opinion, the State of Israel and the Jewish people in general have an interest in accepting new members without examining the Kippahs of those aspiring members—whether they are secular Jews, practice another Oolahoma, or belong to a different culture.

8 normal signs and gestures that can be offensive in the Middle East

Not to mention Arab girls new Perry Oklahoma question, which has yet to be answered, of whether an Israeli nation has been established in Israel. Back to the matter at hand: It is hirls fitting that those who wish to join our culture will be able to do so.

Aharish is part of this culture. She even contributes to it, despite the fact that she belongs to a different one.

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Her right to marry should be recognized, without nw to convert or practice the laws of a religion she does not believe in.

A warning was heard about the problems facing the children of interfaith spouses.

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The role of the state is to ensure that such problems are avoided, and that a child born to a mixed couple will not be harmed because his parents do not practice the same religion. But even if the state does Oklahomz act, we must hope Arab girls new Perry Oklahoma the liberal public in Israel remains strong enough to protect these families from facing such problems.

Finally, the wedding of Aharish and Halevi, like many other examples, shows the fact that Israel does not uphold the right to marry—and lets the religious-Orthodox stream have the Arab girls new Perry Oklahoma say in this matter—does not achieve its goal. The state does not prevent marriages between members of different religions, just as it does not prevent spouses, even when they are both Jews, from marrying outside the jurisdiction of the rabbinate.

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All rights reserved. Breaking News. The state may not recognize interfaith marriages, but the liberal public does, and we must hope that liberals in Israel remain strong to protect mixed families from facing the challenges lying ahead.

Daniel Friedman Published: