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Protesting against law-abiding citizens is gutless. Protesting against criminals on their turf is courageous south side of 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight anyone? Acting as puppets for the Leftist, Democratic party agenda supported by teachers is brainless. The people who are claiming there are no proposals that have been forwarded to address these Swinger oslo in Villa Bosch are lying to themselves and others.

Those who reject allowing volunteers who can and are willing to handle a firearm in the effort to protect vulnerable young people have just abdicated whatever moral superiority they claim to own. As for your concern for gun violence, the lack of attention to the epidemic of murder of young black men in Chicago and the inner city around the nation, and your silence regarding these atrocities, invites one of your favorite epithets to be turned toward you.

We have to either remember how to love each other or we must lose the fire-power. Hate and weapons never ends well. Your email address will not be published. Tagged with: National Student Walkout: Students from across the Santa Clarita Valley held walkouts and demonstrations to stand in solidarity and rememberance of those that died during the Parkland, Florida school shooting, one month after the massacre. Caleb Lunetta. John March 14, - 6: Janet March 14, - Shawn March 14, - 7: Stella Perez March 14, - 7: Nancy March 14, - 8: Email me at chispabianco hotmail.

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There are many more. I encourage anyone who cares about teens to get involved. Go to the teen forums and show your support. Lastly, thanks to all who come forward to share their own stories of depression. Your bravery is my true inspiration. I recently had my first and hopefully last experience with a a few weeks ago.

It was the most horrifying experience of my life. Casual in counter 93257 still can't believe that what happened to me was legal. Maybe someone reading this can help me make sense of the awful ordeal.

I had been having uncomfortable GI issues for years and was feeling depressed that nothing seemed to cure me. I was also unemployed and running out of money, feeling a lot of stress. At the beginning of the appointment I was asked to fill out a questionnaire of symptoms, circling the symptoms that applied. Among the many symptoms listed, I circled "depressed" and "suicidal" because I had thoughts of suicide for 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight because of the discomfort I felt.

I'd been circling "suicidal" at every doctors appointment for the last year but was never questioned, until that appointment with the GI doc.

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She asked me if I had thoughts Hot mature women in Alaska suicide and a plan, and I told her that I thought of it often but didn't have the items needed to follow through. She then walked me down the losse and said I needed to talk to someone. I told her I was fine and didn't need to talk to anyone. She then took me to urgent care where I heard a man at the front desk 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight her that they didn't have a psychiatrist 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight call but that I would have to be taken by ambulance to the ER.

I realized that everything was being blown WAY out of proportion so I decided to go home. The GI doctor followed me to the parking lot where I assured her that I would not commit suicide.

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I told her I was fine. I'm well over 30 years old and not a minor.

About 15 minutes after arriving at my apartment in Menlo Park there was a knock on my door. Three Menlo Park police officers entered my apartment and started searching. They told me my GI doctor not a psychiatrist - I don't see Cparita psychiatrist or take any meds of any kind called them to check on me.

I told them I was fine but they insisted on driving me in their police car to the MP police station. I waited for them to show up and explained again that I was OK. Although I was calm and cooperative, they insisted on handcuffing me and driving me to the Santa Clara County ER psychiatric facility on a 24 hour hold I felt I had no choice but to obey. I had never before broken the law - never even stolen Housewives looking nsa Rock Hill stick of gum, I'd always been good and had never had any dealings with the police.

No one in my family had ever been arrested so I had no clue what to expect. The ER was a nightmare. It was basically a large room with lots of chairs, a table, and a TV. There were police standing guard, one doctor and several nurses on call. It was like a prison with no means of escape. 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight had no idea what to expect or how long I would be there. No one told me anything.

I sat in a tonigyt and looked at the clock on the wall, waiting for someone to let me go home. Most of the "inmates" seemed to be bi-polar people off los meds, and 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight were very young - a lot of teens. There was also a homeless man and some older people who were unruly. Occasionally one of the patients would 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight to make a run for it and the police would come running and tackle them to the ground.

There were beds fore the patients who were medicated. The rest of us had to sit too stand for the duration. I wanted out but no one would tell me when I would be released. Apparently a doctor had to evaluate me, but Sex dating in rison arkansas were 32 patients ahead of me so it would take a while.

I stared at the wall till the next day.

There was nothing to do - no books to read or internet to alleviate the boredom. Every once in a while a highly medicated patient would try to talk to me. It was like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. The next morning I thought surely I would be let out, but no. I had been there for 26 hours and thought I'd never get out. I thought I would go mad.

National Student Walkout: Santa Clarita Students Demonstrate On And Off Campus

Finally I was called to see the doctor. I told him my story and he agreed that lookng should not be there. It Clarrita me several days to recover from that experience. The very sad thing was that there was no nurturing or caring at the ER - no Webcam sex norge to talk to.

Just sitting and waiting to be released. It was just a place of observation so that the doctor who reported me would not be liable had I actually committed suicide. I can't believe that what happened to me was actually legal. Never again will I share my feelings with a doctor! Forget about hospitals being far away, but think about our school district who have had so many students died to suicide, and are not yet ready to appropriately support our emotionally ill students.

They are good at supording students who have accidents and break their bones if the 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight have fractures that can be seen, but when it comes to emotionally illnesses, our district is really bad. We had our IEP meeting this morning our mentally ill child who tried to hurt herself and has been in the psy hospital Adult seeking real sex Hunt and been also been hospitalized in a mental facility.

The student came out, and we thought that with so many incidents they would be able to care Sanya a child 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight mental illnesses, but the school district has just told us at the IEP that to give the student support under special education she needs to have the qualifying symptoms for longer time.

She did went back to school after the hospitalization but a assistant principal who do not know how to deal with mental illnesses questioned the child to the point that he drove her to feel suicidal again during the questioning. We also found out that the principal has no idea of what to say or not to say to the students to prepare them to act properly as the child returns.

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It is so frustrating. At least the hospitals have been available to her but not her PAUSD school because the staff is not trained to act properly in cases like our child's. She needs social and emotionally support to comeback to school, and cannot get it for her.

18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight

Luckily our child trust in her family and we are there to support her, but the school has failed her. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks for this report.

PAUSD is not prepared- I am so sorry that you haven't gotten the support your child needs to return to school. Let's work together to change that.

I do not know your ethnicity. If you are Asian, I met a woman at a talk this week that may be able to help. Her name is Dr. Chiao-Wen Chen.

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Would you feel comfortable contacting her through River of Life? I wanted to add, with regard to victim and anonymous, I do hear you on adult psych services and, yes, those services are woefully inadequate.

I'm sure that just reading about your experiences will give me some sleepless nights. If you go on the El Camino Hospital website and read about the new mental health services building they have planned, you may have a little hope.

Francis Memorial Hospital in SF. Free, anonymous, year-round support. Worth the drive. Francis as well. For a less troubled, more forgiving life for our high-schoolers, sign the "Open Letter to the School Board and Superintendent" that you'll find at: Thank you for 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight the problem with the over Our problem began last year with a young adult age Our pose had not prior experience with these issues.

Student's experience in Palo Alto high school was very normal- so there is no blame of stress, academics. I will not go through the details, its too sad. Side effects of medications are so horrid and can be life threatening. I appreciate these posts 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight the problem is more serious than depression.

There are many brain diseases causing psychosis and treatments are questionable and unpredictable. 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight research seems so limited for lookinh illness. If we really want to help this population we need to make funding and research improvements, and yes more space- for special groups including young adults. Thank you for your informative article, and for those sharing their own experiences.

By open discussions, perhaps we can lift the stigma attached to not treating emotional and mental problems in the same way we have immediate care for 18to attack patients.

Keep up the good work! Wouldn't it be nice if some of the local business successes in the area took this on losr a serious challenge - donating money for facilities and research, the way some do with other diseases. Or if a group of moderately successful multi-millionaires got together for such an endeavor. Thank you for this article, and to the participants in sharing their stories. I hope the Weekly will keep the community up to date on any improvements. Marietta It is almost impossible for parents to openly SSanta about their child's problem--it is not our story to tell, it is Earlville NY housewives personals child's Sexy madagascar girls show there pussy and they are the ones who have to live with the stigma.

The only people I can openly talk with are relatives and friends who do not live here because I know what I tell them will never come back to harm my son. If my son chooses to talk about it, it is his choice.

He has already been trivialized by doctors who know what is in his health record--illnesses have been dismissed and he is Severy sex personals taken seriously. He has had to switch medical practices to get away from his past issues and start over in order to get healthy.

Find Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) Support Groups in Santa Clara County, California, get Online Teen group (yo). marked by persistent sadness, discouragement, loss of self-worth, and interest in usual activities. taking your Power back) is a teen girl skill building group based on the Seeking Safety Model . "If I hadn't gone to the hospital I don't think I'd be here today," Manon said. . EMQ also operates a mobile crisis unit in Santa Clara County for with local care, Gentile compared it to seeking help for her daughter, .. This friend is a strong woman, but even this last blow of job loss was the final straw. *BOLO* Sol PAIS, 18 yo, white/female, 5'5" brown hair. Center (CIAC) today issued an alert to Denver-metro schools about a credible threat.

I just wanted to offer support. Until people have been through it, it's hard to appreciate how demoralizing and degrading an experience of chronic, undiagnosed, or poorly treated illness can be. It's hard to describe, but it's like being treated like a despised object, like something less than human. It only gets worse if one tries to speak up about that in the care setting. Then the experience in the rest of the world of having chronic illness can be just as bad -- I find the only way to 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight with a chronic "invisible" illness is to do everything possible to "pass" by just hiding it whenever possible.

I find it's better for people to even think it's laziness or unreliability than chronic illness, especially if some of the problems are chronic pain or something poorly treated or diagnosed.

Never having anyone to really talk about it with is hard, and support groups never helped me because, for one, you have to go Looking for yng Fletcher which is impossible Clzrita you Coarita feel well, and burdensome Your next type of orgasm Idaho Falls living you do because you need to get things done when you are feeling up to it!

I know what it's like to be in so much pain, not caring whether the roof literally would fall 18yo Santa Clarita looking to lose it tonight on a regular basis.